Ribbon Candy Christmas Ornament

These easy-to-craft ornaments look like they escaped from an old-fashioned penny candy jar.

Your kids may not remember penny candy -- heck, maybe you don't either -- but you'll both have fun recreating the look of ribbon candy in a delightful Christmas ornament. This easy craft is made from paper and bias tape, plus a few common supplies from around the house.

Materials and Tools

  • Construction paper in desired color(s)
  • Bias tape in contrasting color(s)
  • Glue
  • Waxed paper
  • Large blunt-end needle
  • Decorative cord


1. For each ornament, cut a 1-x-18-inch strip of colored paper and two 18-inch lengths of bias tape.

2. Open out one edge of the bias tape and press flat.

3. Glue the bias tape to each side of the paper strip, centering it. Place strip between sheets of waxed paper, weight it with a book, and let it dry overnight.

4. Using the needle, make holes along the center of the strip, starting and ending 3/4 inch from each end and 1 1/2 inches apart. Thread the needle with the cord and knot one end. Run the needle through the holes, bending the paper accordion style. Pull the cord tight to gather up the paper and end with a knotted loop. Add another loop of cord to use as a hanger.


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