Red Bird Felt Ornament for Christmas

Make several of these graceful bird ornaments to perch on the branches of your Christmas tree.

What You'll Need

  • 9x14-inch piece of red wool felt
  • Clear-drying fabric glue
  • Ultrafine red glitter
  • Fusible knit interfacing
  • Water-soluble marking pen
  • Paper-backed fusible web (such as HeatnBond Lite)
  • Scrap of gray wool felt
  • Wire cutters
  • 24-gauge silver crafts wire
  • Pliers: round-nose and chain-nose
  • 4-millimeter Czech fire-polished round beads in red
  • Needle and color coordinating thread
  • Pinking shears
  • A pair of 3-millimeter bird eyes on wire from
  • Darning needle
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • Silver bird-leg clip with one leg

Download the free pattern.

How to Make It

1. Download and print the free pattern.

2. For top wings, cut a 3x3-inch square of red felt. Apply fabric glue to one side of felt. Place felt square, glue side up; sprinkle with red glitter. Shake excess glitter onto paper. Set felt aside to let dry.

3. Following manufacturer's instructions, fuse a 5x8-inch piece of fusible knit interfacing to a slightly larger piece of red felt. Cut out one body piece and one reversed body piece from interfaced felt. Mark eye placement and all dots using a marking pen. Using fusible-web pattern, cut one fusible-web piece and one reversed fusible-web piece.

4. Fuse a 1x1-inch piece of paper-back fusible web to gray felt, following manufacturer's instructions. Trace the beak pattern onto the fusible web and cut out. Remove backing, then fuse the beak to a second piece of gray felt. Cut out beak.

5. Cut one wing piece and one reversed wing piece from red glittered felt (from step 2).

6. Cut five 14-inch lengths of wire. Make a tight coil in one end of each wire using round-nose pliers; bend each coil at a 45-degree angle. Thread eight to 12 red beads on each wire. Set beaded wires aside.

7. To sew the felt pieces together, use 1/4- inch seam allowances and stitch with right sides together. Stay-stitch along bottom edge of each body piece between the two small dots. Matching curved edges, baste beak to one body piece. Sew together body pieces, leaving an small opening. Trim seam allowances using pinking shears.

8. Match top and bottom seam lines at tail; sew across tail 3/8 inch from end. Turn bird body right side out.

9. Cut the wire secured to each glass bird eye in half; discard excess wire. Bend each eye wire at a 45-degree angle. Push darning needle through both eye markings on body to create small holes. Insert an eye wire into each hole. Turn head wrong side out. Twist eye wires together, starting about 1/2 inch from each eye and twisting the wire's full length. Turn head right side out.

10. Using a darning needle, make three holes at end of tail on one side of seam line. Insert straight end of a beaded wire into each hole, exiting the wires at opening in bottom of bird. Make two more holes on other side of the seam line and insert remaining beaded wires in same manner. Turn tail wrong side out.

11. Twist tail wires together on inside as follows: Twist two adjacent wires together first, then add and twist remaining wires one at a time. Make sure that the beads on outside are flush with tail. Twist all wires together to make a 2-inch length. Turn tail right side out.

12. Stuff head and tail areas with fiberfill, adding fiberfill around all sides of wires. Make sure the tail wires exit from the center bottom of the bird (the large dot on the pattern).

13. Insert all wire ends into coil of leg clip, pulling wires to one side. Slide coil up wires until it meets seam allowance. Finish stuffing body and pin opening closed. Adjust excess wire so ends exit in front of clip. Flatten wires with chain-nose pliers; trim them 3/8 inch from the bend. Using round-nose pliers, roll the end of each wire into a tight loop. Note: It will be necessary to roll each wire in small steps, moving pliers from the right side of clip to the left. Slip-stitch opening closed.

14. Following manufacturer's instructions, fuse a fusible-web piece to each bottom wing as marked on pattern. Remove paper backing. Place a top wing over a bottom wing, referring to placement line on pattern. With glittered sides facing down, fuse wing pieces together. Blind-stitch wings to bird.


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