Quick and Easy Ornament Ideas

Want to create your own chic ornament display this Holiday season? Check out these simple and easy ornaments that will be sure to add some color and personalization to your Christmas tree.

Sewing Room Chic

Do you have any extra fabric laying around the house? Maybe even an embroidery hoop or two? Well that's all you need for this simple and fun ornament idea. This one is sure to be a showstopper! You can add lots of color and pattern to a Christmas tree with this quick and easy DIY. Simply pop some fabric into the hoop and voila! You have an instant ornament, large or small. Need to fill a larger tree? Buy various hoop sizes and have some fun!

Image: Katie Bower of BowerPower

Wrapped in Yarn

Loving those colorful balls of yarn? If you're ready to get a little sticky, these are simple and chic! First, blow up a balloon to the desired ornament size. Then using a small bowl of glue, dunk roughly 5-8 yards of yarn into the glue. After wiping a small amount of glue onto the balloon, wrap the yarn around the balloon in every direction. Leave a tail and hang to dry. Once it's dry, deflate the balloon slowly with a thin stick. Hang and enjoy your fun pop of color!

Image: Katie Bower of BowerPower

"Inviting" Ornament Ideas

Looking for a fun idea for all of those birthday invitations stuffed away in memory boxes? This super easy DIY will have you enjoying those invitations every holiday season. First, cut the invitation into thin strips capturing each line of text. Next, tightly wrap each strip around a pencil to create a spiral. Slip each spiraled strip into a large glass or plastic globe ornament. Add some glitter, and it's complete! Your little ones will love to see their invites displayed every Christmas.

Image: Brittany Hayes of Addison's Wonderland


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