Pretty Pink Ornaments for Christmas

Christmas ornaments don't have to be strictly red and green -- think pink this holiday season and bring festive cheer with a new color palette that's pretty and fresh. Here are four pink ornaments that range from easy to ornate -- no matter which you choose, they're fun to create!

Pink Paper Rosette Ornaments

Transform heavy scrapbook papers into pretty pink ornaments to hang on the tree, on gifts, or a banister.

  1. Cut patterned cardstock into twelve 1x6-inch-long strips.
  2. Loop each strip in half, pattern side out. Glue the ends together.
  3. Cut circles out of red cardstock with decorative-edge scissors.
  4. Cut or punch slightly smaller circles from white or pink cardstock and attach to the red cardstock circle.
  5. Punch or cut out flower or snowflake shapes and glue to the circles or use stickers.
  6. Add a scrapbooking letter sticker or a holiday message; attach the completed circles to the front and back of the ornament.
  7. Add a twine or ribbon loop to hang from the tree.

Heartwarming Pink Felt Ornaments

Trim your Christmas tree with htese pink ornaments that include a sweet, hand-stitched message.

  1. Trace our patterns, available below, onto felt using tracing paper. Cut the three heart templates out of three different colors of felt. Make a decorative edge by trimming the smallest and largest hearts with pinking shears.
  2. Use a full strand of embroidery floss in a crewel needle to stitch a message on the smallest heart. Start and end all stitching on the back side to hide the knots. Use an elongated cross-stitch and boxy circle to make a hugs-and-kisses. Letters also can be stitched with just a few connected stitches. Embellish with a Lazy Daisy flower or two green petals to form a leaf cluster.
  3. Stack the hearts with largest at the bottom and smallest at the top. Pin the three hearts together. Starting at the base of the heart, machine-stitch around the inside edge of the smallest (top) heart. Stop 2 inches from the base of the heart. Lift the presser foot; fold back the last (biggest) heart. Reset the presser foot and continue stitching. This will give a continuous stitch on the front of the heart but leave an opening on the back for stuffing the heart.
  4. Fill with polyester fiberfill. Hand-stitch the opening closed.
  5. Cut a 6-inch length of wire. Spiral it a couple of times around a pencil. Thread a bead onto the wire. Repeat the process to make a smaller spiral at the other wire end, switching the spiraling directions to form an S shape.
  6. Hand-stitch the small end of the hanger to the center front of the heart.

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Bold and Bright Pink Ornaments

Make your Christmas tree warm and bright with the help of these holiday lightbulb pink ornaments. The bold pink color in this vintage style ornament is sure to pop off of your retro-modern tree this year.

  1. For the bulb base, press a 1-1/2-inch plastic-foam ball on a work surface to flatten one side; repeat to flatten the opposite side.
  2. Roll the shape back and forth on the rounded edge, pressing down until the bulb base resembles a marshmallow. Press in one flat edge of the bulb base with your thumb, making it concave.
  3. Hot-glue the concave edge to the wide end of a 2-inch plastic-foam egg (this will form the ornament shape).
  4. Place a line of hot glue between the bulb and bulb base, and attach one end of colorful pink sequin trim. Continue adding lines of glue and wrapping the pink trim around the bulb, overlapping the trim slightly as you work; cut off excess trim.
  5. Poke a hole in the center of the flat edge of the bulb base with the tip of the hot-glue gun. Make a small loop at one end of a length of metallic cord, leaving a long tail.
  6. Push the ends of the loop into the hole; let the tail trail out of the hole.
  7. Place hot glue on the bulb base around the loop; attach and coil the cord on the base around the loop. Continue wrapping and gluing the cord to the bulb base until it is completely covered; cut off excess cord.

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Glitter and Sparkle Pink Ornaments

With a little glitter and glam, these pink ornaments add a delicate sparkle to any tree, gift, or mantel you choose to hang them from.

  1. Cut a square from wrapping paper, varying the size to make snowflakes in a variety of sizes. Fold the square in half, and then fold in half again, creating a small square.
  2. Firmly crease the folds with your fingernail. Fold the small squares in half diagonally, aligning the previously folded edges and creating a triangle shape.
  3. Use scissors to cut a shape from the center area of the triangle, leaving the folded edges uncut; this will separate the snowflake's "arms." Then cut shapes along the folded edges. Unfold paper and smooth out the snowflake, right side up, on a piece of wax paper.
  4. Brush with liquid varnish and sprinkle with glitter. Transfer to a clean piece of wax paper to dry. Use alone or layer on a fanfold snowflake.
  5. Embellish with tinsel and a small pink ornament if desired.
  6. Adhere to the center of a purchased silver star; punch a hole in the star and lace with ribbon to hang from the tree.

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