Pretty Felt Partridge Christmas Ornament

Snow-white felt and colorful scraps are all you need to craft this handmade Christmas ornament.


1. Prepare the patterns (available, below).

2. Cut two body shapes and a gusset from ivory felt. Cut plume from red felt. Cut wings and tail from striped felted scarf or sweater.

3. Use needle felt punching tool, following manufacturer's instructions, to needle felt wings into the wide of the bird body. Use the backside of the punched felt with its smoother finish as the right side.

4. With a 1/2-inch seam, stitch wrong sides of body and gusset together, easing gusset and body sides together while stitching. Continue around beak, head, and back, and leave an opening for turning.

5. Turn and stuff with polyfill batting then stitch opening closed. Whipstitch tailpiece and plume in place, sew on bead eyes, and add red pearl cotton for hanging.

Download the pattern.


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