Felt Poinsettia Christmas Ornament

With a little bit of cutting and stitching, you can craft a whole bouquet of poinsettia ornaments. Try using different colored felts, like cream or pink, for a rainbow of Christmas blooms.

What You'll Need

  • Freezer paper
  • Iron
  • Dark red felt
  • Bright red felt
  • 3 small pearl beads
  • Green felt
  • Thread: White (for pearls) and green (to match felt)
  • Needle
  • Fiberfill
  • Drapery clip ring
  • Red ribbon (optional)
  • Greenery sprig (optional)

Download the free poinsettia pattern

How to Make It

  1. Download the free pattern. Place freezer paper, shiny side down, over patterns. Trace as indicated; cut out.
  2. Using an iron, press freezer-paper shapes, shiny side down, onto felt; let cool. Cut out shapes and peel off paper.
  3. Center a dark red petal section on the green circle front. Place a bright red petal section on top; turn it clockwise until all points are visible. Repeat with a light red petal section, turning it so all 12 points are visible.
  4. Secure petals by sewing pearl beads on the top, stitching through all the petal sections and the green circle front.
  5. Sew circle front to back, leaving an opening. Add fiberfill; sew opening closed.
  6. Glue light red petal tips to circle front. Attach a drapery clip ring.
  7. Optional: For the chair decoration shown, place a greenery sprig on top of the clip and tie together with a wide red ribbon. Pin the ribbon loop to the back of a chair so the ornament hangs down.


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