Picture Frame Christmas Ornament

Use decorative trim around a favorite photo and top with a paper star for a memorable Christmas ornament for your tree.

What You'll Need

-- Decorative papers

-- Paper trimmer with ruler

-- Paper punch

-- Ribbon or cord

-- Double-stick tape

-- Photo

-- Cardstock

-- Hot-glue gun and hotmelt adhesive

-- Decorative trim

-- Glue dots

-- Ribbon flower

How to Make It

1. For the star, cut two 12x2-inch paper strips. Fan-fold in 1-inch increments. While folded, trim one end of each folded paper stack at an angle.

2. With papers folded, punch holes in center of the rectangles. Thread a 14-inch length of hanging ribbon or cord through holes and knot ends together, leaving 3-inch-long tails. (Note: To make stars without the attached photo, use an 8-inch length of hanging ribbon or cord.)

3. Unfold the star and use double-stick tape to secure one or both ends together.

4. Trim a photo to size. Sandwich hanging ribbon or cord ends between the photo and cardstock. Use double-stick tape to adhere photo to cardstock, centering the photo to form equal borders.

5. Hot-glue decorative trim around the photo. Use a glue dot to affix a ribbon flower to center of the folded star.


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