Stuff a clear ornament ball with pages from a battered book to add a handmade accent to your Christmas tree.

Updated February 17, 2017


  • Two pages (or photocopies) of text from a book
  • Paper trimmer
  • Round glass ornament: clear
  • 8-inch length of 1/8-inch-wide satin ribbon: black


Prepare the Paper

Using the paper trimmer, remove margins from around book text, then cut the text into single-row strips if the paper is heavy or the text is large. Cut double-row strips of text if the paper is lightweight or the text is small.

Fill and Finish the Ornament

Remove metal top from ornament. Insert five to seven strips of text into ornament, arranging strips so they line the bowl of the ornament. Shake ornament a few times so strips spread out and settle.

Add another group of strips and arrange as for the first group. Repeat until ornament is full, inserting single strips to fill any open areas. Reattach metal top and hang ornament with ribbon.


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