Old Ornament Makeovers

Give new life to Christmas ornaments that are worn and dated. Shimmering tiny seed beads give a much-needed facelift to any ornament that has seen better days. Don't miss our video with project tips.

Have old ornaments or plain balls that need updating? Here's a project that can have them looking all-new.

Work on one side of the ornament at a time, and allow the glue to dry thoroughly before adding beads to the other sides.


  • Ornaments -- new or old
  • Matte metallic spray paint
  • Small foam paintbrush or other brush to apply glue
  • Tiny seed beads
  • Ribbon or cording to make a hanging loop.


  1. Spray paint ornaments lightly with matte metallic spray paint. Hang and let dry thoroughly.
  2. Set up a place to work, protecting your surface from glue. Also decide where to hang your ornaments while the glue dries. You might want to staple a length of picture wire underneath a kitchen cabinet and hang the ornaments on it using regular ornament hooks.
  3. Use a tiny sponge brush or other paintbrush to coat various sections of the ornament surface using thick white craft glue. Sprinkle covered area with tiny seed beads.
  4. Bead half of the ornament. Set the ornament decorated side up on the rim of a glass and let dry thoroughly.
  5. Continue until entire ornament is covered. Hang and let dry thoroughly 6 hours.
  6. Tie with a ribbon in a coordinating color and display on a tree or in a bowl.


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