Make dozens of these miniature wreath ornaments to adorn your tree -- they're easy to make and require only scraps of felt. Mix and match colors of felt to match your Christmas decor.

August 14, 2015

What You'll Need

  • 100 percent wool sweaters or fabric in a variety of colors
  • Scissors with a pointed tip
  • Ruler
  • 14-inch length of cloth-covered florist's wire
  • Length of ribbon

How to Make It

1. Place the 100 percent wool fabric in a washing machine. (A top-loading machine is recommended.) Fill the machine with hot water. Agitate the fabric on the longest cycle and rinse it in cold water. Place fabric in dryer for 30 minutes on regular heat.

2. Cut out sixty 1-inch squares from felted wool. Using the tip of a pair of pointed scissors, poke a small hole in the center of each square.

3. Make a U-shape hook at one end of the florist¿s wire. Wrap the wire around a cylindrical object, like a drinking glass, to form a circle.

4. Thread the squares onto the straight wire end until the wreath is full.

5. Form a U-shape hook at the other end of the wire. Hook the ends together and press one hook closed. Bend and twist the other hook into a hanging loop.

6. Thread a length of ribbon through the hanging loop and tie the ribbon ends together.


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