Make Your Own Glittery Glass Ornaments

Step back in time with ornaments that recall glitter balls of the 1950s and 1960s. Paint swirled inside clear glass balls creates a snow-white canvas for striped designs done with red, green, and silver glitter.

What You Need

  • Clear glass ball ornaments
  • White glass paint
  • Double-sided craft tape: 1/4 inch wide for vertical-striped ornament and 1/8 inch wide for horizontal striped ornament
  • Superfine glitter: green, red, and silver
  • Glass glitter
  • Small disposable bowls
  • Clear-drying glue in a fine-tip dispenser
  • Ribbon: 1/8-inch-wide red, green, and silver

How to Make It

Paint the Ornaments

  1. Remove metal cap from the ornaments.
  2. Pour a small amount of the white paint into each ornament and swirl it around until paint has covered the entire inside.
  3. Turn upside down and let set until dry.

Embellish the Ornaments

  1. For Vertical-Striped Ornament: Apply two lengths of 1/4-inch-wide tape to divide the ball into quarters, beginning and ending at the top.
  2. Pour the desired color of superfine glitter into a bowl, and press the tape into the glitter until the tape is completely covered.
  3. Use glue to make dots or scallops along both edges of the 1/4-inch-wide stripes.
  4. Holding the ornament over another bowl, sprinkle a second color of superfine glitter over the wet glue.
  5. Let dry.
  1. For Horizontal-Striped Ornament: Apply a length of 1/8-inch-wide tape to divide the ball in half.
  2. Press the tape into a bowl of the desired color of superfine glitter, completely covering the tape. Use glue to make a zigzag line along each edge of the 1/8-inch-wide stripe.
  3. Holding the ornament over a bowl, immediately sprinkle a second color of superfine glitter on the glue.
  4. Add second zigzag lines next to the others and sprinkle with a third color of superfine glitter.
  5. Let dry.

Finish the Ornaments

  1. Apply glue to all remaining outside surfaces.
  2. Immediately cover the glue with glass glitter.
  3. When the ornaments are dry, replace the metal caps and insert an 8-inch length of ribbon through the hanger of each one.
  4. Knot the ribbon ends together to form the hanging loops.


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