Make a Felt Russian Nesting Doll Ornament

Russian nesting dolls, called Matryoshkas, come in assorted personalities, but perhaps the most beloved is the motherly peasant figure. This darling little Russian nesting doll ornament makes a great gift, as well as a unique Old World-inspired ornament for your Christmas tree.

Russian Nesting Doll Ornament

What You'll Need:

  • Water-soluble marking pen
  • 8×9-inch piece of wool or wool-blend felt: turquoise
  • 5×6-inch piece of wool or wool-blend felt: white
  • Scraps of wool or wool-blend felt: yellow, pink, red, and green
  • Embroidery hoop and needle
  • Embroidery floss: black and colors to match felt
  • Fabric glue
  • Polyester fiberfill


  1. Download and print the free pattern, available below, and cut out. Using water-soluble marking pen, trace outlines for two bodies on turquoise felt, one face and one apron on white, one hair shape on yellow, two cheeks on pink, five petals on red, and two leaves on green. Cut out hair, cheeks, petals, and leaves.
  2. Embroider the Front: Use two strands of floss for all embroidery. Using marking pen, draw eyes and mouth on face. Backstitch eyes and mouth using black floss. Glue cheeks and hair to face and flower petals and leaves to apron.
  3. Referring to the photo, and using split stitches and green floss, outline leaves, make leaf veins, and work two side-by-side rows of split stitches for a stem.
  4. Outline just inside cheeks with pink running stitches and just inside flower petals with red running stitches. Add pink French knots between petals and for flower center.
  5. Cut out face and apron and glue to body front.
  6. Referring to photo, outline hair with yellow split stitches and lower portion of face and all around apron with white split stitches. Outline the face and apron again, using turquoise split stitches and placing stitches on turquoise felt.
  7. Cut out body front and back.
  8. Finish the Ornament: Cut a 10-inch length of turquoise floss and fold it in half to form a hanging loop. Glue ends to wrong side of body back at top of head. Let glue dry. With wrong sides together and using turquoise floss and blanket stitches, sew together body pieces, stuffing shape with fiberfill as you stitch.

Download the free pattern.


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