How to Make Christmas Tree Toppers

Top your Christmas tree with these three easy and modern Christmas tree toppers. We show you how and give you free patterns to start from.

What You'll Need (for three tree toppers):

  • 8-1/4x32inch prestained wood veneer sheets (available at home improvement or woodworking stores)
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Buttons
  • Self-adhesive embellishments
  • Premade papier-mache cone or empty paper towel/toilet paper roll
  • Yellow acrylic paint
  • Wooden barbecue skewer
  • wire (optional)
  • Gold spray paint


For the Poinsettia Tree Topper:

  1. Download, print, and cut out our template, available below.
  2. Trace onto the veneer, and carefully cut out six petals of each size using sharp scissors, cutting slowly and steadily to avoid cracking the veneer.
  3. Adhere the petals in layers to form the poinsettia bloom using hot glue. Glue buttons between the layers to create a three-dimensional look; let dry.
  4. Add self-adhesive embellishments in the center, and adhere the poinsettia to your premade crafts cone or paper roll.

For the Starburst Tree Topper:

  1. Cut veneer sheets into strips of varying lengths and widths (ours range from 9 to 12 inches long).
  2. Lay the strips out in a starburst pattern, varying short and long strips.
  3. Hot-glue the strips together in the centers; let dry.
  4. Paint the tips of the strips yellow using two coats of yellow acrylic paint; let dry.
  5. Glue the starburst to a skewer to stick into the top branches of your tree, securing with wire as needed.

For the Bird Tree Topper:

  1. Download our template, available below, and trace the two bird pieces onto veneer sheets.
  2. Cut out the patterns carefully using sharp scissors. 
  3. Spray-paint the wing and beak pieces gold; let dry.
  4. Hot-glue the wing to the body; let dry.
  5. Adhere desired embellishment for the bird's eye.
  6. Spray-paint the cone or paper roll gold and hot-glue the bird onto the cone/roll. Editor's Tip: If your tree is viewable from all sides, make two birds in mirror image, and glue one to the front of the cone and another to the back.

Get the patterns for the Poinsettia and Bird Tree Toppers.


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