Making ornaments is such a great way to incorporate different parts of your personality into your tree. While I am a fan of perfectly polished, color-coded trees, there's something so special about fun and unique hodgepodge trees, too! These handmade ornaments are the cutest way to trim the tree.


My family tree growing up was filled with ornaments either made at school or accumulated over the years, and gave us so many warm lasting memories. I love when I can look back on something and remember the smallest details that go with it! Short-term DIYs are a blast, but it's so nice to be able to keep and reuse this craft for years to come.

This DIY swan ornament is the perfect adorable addition to your tree. We added a crown for a whimsical touch but feel free to get creative with any topper you like! 

What You'll Need

  • Glass iridescent ornament
  • White craft paint
  • Pink craft paint
  • Gold craft paint
  • Paint brush
  • Air dry clay
  • White feathers
  • Hot glue gun
  • Pink ribbon
  • Black pen

Step 1: Prep the Ornament

Remove the metal hook and pour white paint into your glass ornament to turn your ornament a white iridescent color. Tip the ornament and let the excess paint drain out and let dry completely. Once dry, replace metal hook. Using white air dry clay, mold the swan head and neck. We added a crown to the top of our swan's head.

Step 2: Add the Face

With a paint brush paint the swan beak gold and paint the face light pink. Let dry completely. For richer colors, add a second coat of paint. Once dry, paint the eyes using a black paint pen. We painted the crown gold, but try getting creative with fun colors like pink, purple, or blue!

Step 3: Add the Feathers

Once the face is dry, hot glue it to the front of your glass ball ornament. You'll want the face to be even with the hanging hook. Glue white feathers to the back of the ornament for the tail. Finish the ornament with a pink ribbon for hanging. 


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