How to Make a Drinking-Straw Ornament

Trade in the store-bought ornaments this year and rely on handmade Christmas decorations to trim the trees and deck the halls. These DIY Christmas ornaments start with drinking straws!

Transform paper drinking straws into stunning geometric Christmas ornaments. These DIY holiday decorations are perfect for hanging on the tree or giving as gifts. Make a bunch in a variety of colors and patterns. 

Try making another homemade holiday ornament. 

What You'll Need

  • Patterned-paper straws 
  • Crafts knife 
  • Cutting mat 
  • Embroidery floss  
  • Embroidery needle

Step 1: Start the Shape

To make a diamond shape, cut straws into twelve 2-inch pieces using a crafts knife. Cut a 36-inch length of embroidery floss and use the needle to string on four straw pieces, leaving a long tail at the end. Pull straws tight, shape into a diamond, and knot floss.

Step 2: Make a Diamond

String two straw pieces onto the knotted floss, pushing them to the bottom of your diamond. Loop the floss around the top of the diamond and pull tight to secure the straws. Add two more straws to complete the opposite side of the second diamond.

Step 3: Continue Threading

Insert the needle back through one straw to the middle of one side where two straws meet. This is what forms the geometric shape of the ornament. 

Step 4: Finish the Shape

Thread the floss through four more straws to make a diamond around the center of the ornament, looping the floss around the corners to secure them. Thread the needle back through a straw to the top of the ornament and make a loop.

Step 5: Finish and Hang

Tie the floss at the top of the ornament. Add a length of string or ribbon to hang the ornament. 

Change up the look with a variety of straw lengths (but use the same threading and tying techniques) to make a coordinated collection of 3-D ornaments.


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