How to Decorate with Glass Ornaments

Glass ornaments make for versatile and easy additions to holiday decorating. If you have leftover ornaments from your Christmas tree, put them to use with our decorating tips.

Use Glass Ornaments as a Vase

Make a festive statement with this easy ornament vase idea. Spray-paint terra-cotta pots to match your glass ornaments (or, if your glass ornaments are clear, pick a color that matches the rest of your decorating scheme); let dry. Remove the tops of the ornaments and fill with water. Insert a cut poinsettia flower into the ornament and place the ornament vase in a pot.

More Ideas for Decorating with Glass Ornaments

  • Add glass ornaments to your napkin rings. Tie a wide ribbon around your holiday napkins, then thread another length of ribbon through the knot. Tie two small glass ornaments onto either end of the second ribbon to add instant festive flair to your holiday table.
  • Decorate chair backs with glass ornaments. Dining room chairs can get quick holiday makeover with fabric, ribbon, and glass ornaments. Drape a piece of colorful fabric over the back of a chair, then wrap a length of coordinating ribbon around the chair in a knot. Secure a glass ornament to the ribbon with a bit of wire.
  • Hang glass ornaments from light fixtures. Dress up your chandelier or other light fixtures for the holidays with a dazzling display of glass ornaments. Thread ribbon through the hanging loops of various ornaments and tie onto your light fixtures. When you turn on the lights, your glass ornaments will sparkle and shine!
  • Fill footed bowls with glass ornaments. One of the easiest ways to decorate with leftover glass ornaments is to put them in a footed bowl, under a cloche, or on a tray. Mix and match clear and colored glass ornaments until you get the look you want -- the possibilities are nearly endless!

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Ways to Customize Plain Glass Ornaments

  • Stuff plain glass ornaments with strips of paper, cut from magazines or catalogs, and wrap with jute for a pretty Christmas crafts project. Get the instructions for this project.
  • Personalize ornaments with scrapbook stickers to spell a festive message or your name.
  • Fill clear glass ornaments with a sprig of evergreen or holly to add a natural touch to your Christmas decorations.

Crafts Idea: Make Paper-Stuffed Christmas Glass Ornaments

Some inexpensive materials and a bit of creativity help you transform basic Christmas ball ornaments into decorative baubles you'll treasure. We'll show you how!


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