Christmas Ornament Crafts

Christmas Ornaments
Keep these handmade Christmas ornaments for yourself, or use them as one-of-a-kind gifts this holiday season. Each of these 20+ Christmas ornament crafts is easy to make and perfect for this year's Christmas decorating.

Embroidery Hoop Ornaments

Create cozy DIY tree decorations using affordable supplies you may already have stashed around the house. Simply place a small piece of a holiday sweater in a 3-inch embroidery hoop, tighten the hoop, and trim the swatch to fit accordingly. Hang these mini ornaments with strands of ribbon.

Marble Ornament

Swirls of metallic spray paint shine in this DIY ornament. Use a plain ceramic ornament to get the look or try a plain glass ball ornament for a more translucent appearance. 

Felted Snowman Ornament

Handmade Christmas ornaments don't get cuter than this! A simple felting technique is all it takes to transform wool roving into this adorable snowman craft. 

Modern Diorama Ornament

This year, go nontraditional with your holiday decor. This DIY ornament is painted in bold colors and filled with tiny bottlebrush trees. 

Emoji Ornaments

Your guests will squeal with delight when they see these fun-loving emoji decorations on your tree. Coat white ceramic ornaments with yellow spray paint. Once the paint is dry, draw the features of one emoji on each painted ceramic using paint markers. Hang the ornaments using a piece of knotted twine. For more tips on how to draw flawless emojis, check out the link below.

Chalkboard Tag Ornaments

Showcase your favorite Christmas carol lyrics with this expressive tree-decorating idea. Spray unfinished wooden shapes with even coats of chalkboard paint. Once the paint is dry, lightly pencil your design onto the wood and follow up with a chalk pen. Jingling bells and red-and-white hanging loops complete these charming ornaments.

Easy-Fill Plastic Ornaments

Customize this super easy project to feature your favorite wintry natural materials like pinecones, artificial snow, or pine tree clippings. Fill one half of a plastic ball ornament with your chosen items and then seal the ornament halves together with hot glue. Attach a festive-color ribbon to hang.

Wrapped Ribbon Ornaments

Jewel-tone ornaments add instant bling to your Christmas tree. Wind strands of 5/8 inch raw silk ribbon around a 2- or 3-inch foam ball and secure the ribbon with hot glue. Wrap pieces of satin, velvet, or grosgrain ribbon (5/8 inch or narrower) around the ball at equal intervals, securing the ribbons’ ends with hot glue at the bottom of the ornament. Create a hanging tassel by cutting and stacking three 6-inch pieces of ribbon, knotting them in the center, and gluing the ribbons to the bottom of the foam ball. Cut a 7-inch piece of ribbon and tuck it under an intersection of ribbons at the top of the foam ball to create a hanger. Knot the hanger ribbon’s ends.

Papier-Mache Ornament

Coordinate your tree's ornaments with your other holiday decor items when you dress up a simple six-sided papier-mache ornament. Find the detailed instructions for this chic tree decoration linked below.

Diorama Box Ornament

Consider a wooden crafts box a blank canvas for your scene-setting creativity. This easy handmade Christmas ornament is the cutest way to trim your tree. 

Fabric Cutout Ornament

Patterned fabric with bold shapes can be used to make super easy ornaments. Choose a fabric with bright circles of pattern or color, and layer with fusible batting. Press layers together. Sew layers together about 1/4-inch from the edge of each circle, using a decorative stitch setting. Use pinking shears to cut through all layers around each circle motif. Attach a loop of ribbon for hanging.


Gold Geometric Ornament

Add some trendy shine to the tree -- no one will guess the secret material used to make this ornament is straws!

Purchase gold metallic straws, or coat straws with gold spray paint. Cut straws into pieces: four 5 inch; four 3 inch; four 2-3/4 inch. Thread 5 feet of string onto a needle. String one 5-inch straw, two 2-3/4-inch straws, and another 5-inch straw. Push straws near the end of the string and pull strings tight to create a diamond shape. Keeping strings taut, secure with a square knot, and leave a 3-inch tail.

String one 5-inch straw and one 2-3/4-inch straw and tie off on the bottom of the diamond shape. Repeat, and tie off at the top of the diamond. Thread needle back through one of the 5-inch straws, so your string comes out in the middle; tie off. Add a 3-inch straw horizontally between each side of the diamond, tying off at each corner.

Add a gold bead to the 3-inch string tail and secure with hot glue; let dry. Trim excess string.


Simple Snowman Ornament

These frosty cuties will add cheer to your tree and are quick and easy crafts to make. Punch a circle from embossed or snowflake-patterned white cardstock. Cut out carrot nose from orange cardstock and attach with foam adhesive dots (available at crafts stores). Draw on eyes and mouth with black marker. Punch a small hole on the top of the ornament and thread loop through hole to hang.

Glass Tree Ornament

Trim the tree with tiny trees! This DIY ornament starts with folded cardstock. Hang it inside a plain glass globe ornament and add little glitter for sparkle. 

Cardboard Snowflake Ornament

You can fill the tree with beautiful hand-drawn snowflakes without breaking the bank. Only a few simple materials are needed to make this fun craft that the kids can join in on.


Trace the shapes from the download, below, onto kraft chipboard and use a crafts knife to cut out. Use white marker to draw embellishments onto ornaments. Loop off-white ribbon through hole in ornament and secure with tape.



Glitzy Globe Ornaments

Don't be fooled by their glamorous look -- these glitzy globes are easier to make than you think. Start by punching festive designs from double-sided adhesive sheets -- make snowflakes, tree shapes, and more. Once ready, stick them on plain glass ornaments. A sprinkle of red glitter adds a sparkling finish.


Bedazzled Paper Ornaments

Like a little glitz and glam around Christmastime? Us, too! These patterned ornaments get their done-up look from festive paper, mini pom-poms, ribbon, gems, and glue. Experiment with colors, play with patterns -- no matter how you assemble them, they're sure to sparkle.

Editor's Tip: Little ones crafting, too? We recommend cutting easy ornament shapes they can use to trace.

Sweet Birdy Ornaments

Who says gift tags are for presents only? These little labels double as ornaments, thanks to out-of-the-box thinking and a few simple supplies. Make these easy bird ornaments by cutting the bodies from red or white glitter paper (to avoid the mess of traditional glitter), then drawing on details using markers and a gel pen. The charming two-in-one tags ensure nothing goes to waste this holiday. 

Paper Star Ornament

Fold it right there! Save some room on your Christmas tree for these easy yet dazzling paper stars. Start by printing our free pattern, then finish by gluing on a sweet holiday message.

Snowman Star Ornaments

These crafty ornaments are a new spin on a classic winter figure. All glittered up and star-shaped, they look like snowman snowflakes. Draw a rounded star shape to use as a pattern. Trace and cut out two shapes from white batting; pin together. Sew the shapes together along the edges, stuffing with fiberfill as you go. Stitch a long white string through the top of the head for a hanging loop. 

Thin decoupage medium with a bit of water. Brush mixture all over star, coating the edges and stitches; let dry. Brush on a second coat on all areas you wish to glitter. Sprinkle glitter; shake off excess. Reapply as desired; let dry.

Draw on eyes with a fine-tip black marker. Glue on an orange-felt nose. Glue artificial greenery around neck.

Snowman Ornaments

Do you want to build a snowman? Look no further! Stitched from cozy scraps of felt, these cute-as-can-be snowmen are kid friendly and perfect for decorating. Send them along with presents, or hang them on your tree -- either way they're sure to melt your heart this holiday season.

Chalk Design Christmas Ornaments

Go old-school this Christmas with mini chalkboard ornaments. Start by coating unfinished wooden discs in red paint, then let your creativity wander with fun and festive chalk designs. Think snowflakes, doves -- even a vintage Santa face! 


Paper-Stuffed Christmas Ornament

All it takes to turn a clear ball into a Christmas-worthy ornament is a few strips of paper and a bit of imagination. We used music sheets here, but old book pages, colored scrapbooking paper, or magazine pages will do the trick, too.

Felt Star Ornaments

Delicate stars make perfect tree or window adornments -- and you don't even need a pattern! To make, cut simple shapes from felted wool and embellish with embroidery floss, pearl beads, and crystal accents. To add visual variety to your display, change the size of star and type of accents.

Scrapbook-Paper Tree Ornament

Gather your kids and friends together for an afternoon of Christmas crafting, and create a whole forest of these easy trees. The trick: Roll up strips of green scrapbook paper for easy stacking.

Felt Tree Ornament

This sweet tree is an adorable Christmas ornament craft the kids can make. Cut a tree shape from light green wool. Cut out a dark green tree accent and a brown trunk accent and sew these pieces onto light green layer. Use needle and thread to sew on purchased beaded felt balls in a zigzag pattern. Stitch a yarn loop at the top for hanging.  


Silhouette Ornament

Old-fashioned silhouettes are popular again, so honor your family members by celebrating their profiles in Christmas ornaments. Using a photo as a guide, trace a silhouette onto black paper; cut out. Line the back of a small frame with decorative paper, then glue the silhouette on top. Hang with a pretty ribbon.

Rosette Snowflake Ornament

Kids will have a great time choosing the colors of felt and assembling these deceptively simple rosette snowflake ornaments. Choose contrasting or complementary colors, and string a few extra from the windows to enhance your decorating.

White Felt Ornaments

Simple stitching skills are all it takes to whip up these sweet Christmas ornament crafts. Use them to adorn everyday items, such as canisters, or add them as present toppers.

Sheet Music Stars

Add a musical note to your Christmas tree with these quick-to-craft paper ornaments. All you need is some sheet music, thread, and our helpful pattern.

25 Days Ornaments

Count down the days until Christmas with bright and cheery paper ornaments. Cut colorful double-sided cardstock into various-size squares; using bold ink, stamp each square with a number (1-25). Use a hole punch and some string to hang. They'll look fabulous on your tree or in a bouquet of fallen backyard branches! 


Kiddie Snowsuit Ornament

These little guys are all bundled up -- but that only makes them more adorable! Download our pattern and trace onto lightweight cardboard. Glue on the back of patterned scrapbook paper and trim around shape. Cut out a felt oval for face. Stitch on eyes and mouth and attach pink felt circles for cheeks. Hot-glue face onto hood of snowsuit. Hot-glue black paper semicircles for shoes, and glue on embellishments where desired. Use trims, metallic pipe cleaners, buttons, and ribbon for embellishments. Attach a loop of thread for hanging. 



Cookie Cutter Shadowbox Ornament

Repurpose vintage cookie cutters into shadowbox ornaments with shabby chic flair. Brush cookie cutters with cream paint; then line the back with sheet music or book pages. Embellish with costume jewelry, metal details, and beads.

Vintage Santa Ornament

What's better than seeing Santa's friendly face smiling down from the Christmas tree? Try this unique take on a classic decoration by starting with miniature vintage mugs. Then, bleach bottle brush trees; let dry. Dye bottle brush trees red; let dry. Place tree in mug, sticking into florist's foam to secure. Glue on ornaments as desired.



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