Merry Mosaics

Create dazzling and original ornaments for your Christmas tree.

What You Need:

Give your Christmas tree some crafty charm with these home-made ornaments.
  • Large glass ball ornaments
  • 3 DecoArt reusable Styrene Blank sheets
  • DecoArt Liquid Rainbow Paint: Christmas Red, Gold Pearl, Leaf Green, and Raindrop, or colors of your choice
  • 8 inch length of 1/4 inch-diameter wood dowel for each ornament
  • Block of floral foam
  • 1-1/4 inch - 2-1/4 inch-wide wire-edge ribbon
  • Craft sticks
  • Scissors
  • Vinegar


1. Remove the cap and hanger from each ornament. Mix equal amounts of vinegar and water and use the mixture to clean the glass ball ornaments. Thoroughly dry the balls.

2. Peel the protective plastic from the Styrene Blank sheets. Onto separate Styrene Blank sheets, pour one-half bottle each of Christmas Red, Gold Pearl, and Leaf Green. Use craft sticks to evenly spread the paint on the sheets. Let the paint dry for 24 hours or until it is transparent. Carefully peel the paint from the sheets. Use a scissors to cut triangles in random sizes from each paint color. Lightly press the triangles onto the glass balls in a mosaic pattern.

3. Push the wood dowel into the floral foam block. Invert an ornament on the dowel. Squeeze Raindrop paint onto the entire ornament to run across and evenly cover the ornament. Repeat for each ornament. Let the paint dry.

4. Replace the cap and hanger on each ornament. Thread a length of wire-edge ribbon through the hanger and tie it into a bow.


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