Bring these adorable appliqued snowmen to life with simple embroidery stitches and colorful felt and fabric. Choose from an ornament, candy cane, or a wreath for each snowy friend's holiday gift.

By Katrina Widener
Updated February 17, 2017

Materials (for three ornaments)

  • Snowmen patterns (download here)
  • 3 2-1/2-inch squares of dark gray felt (backgrounds)
  • 3 2-1/2-inch squares of any color felt (backings)
  • 9x12-inch piece of white felt (snowmen and candy cane)
  • Scrap of orange felt (noses)
  • Scrap of green felt (hats and wreath)
  • Scrap of light blue felt (ornament)
  • Scrap of print fabric (scarves)
  • Sewing thread: white, green, red, light blue, dark gray
  • Needles: sewing, embroidery
  • Water-soluble marking pen
  • Embroidery floss: brown, black, white, gold, red
  • 3 small red pom-poms
  • 3 6-inch lengths of ribbon for hangers

Cut Out the Shapes

Download the free pattern and trace onto white paper; cut out 1/8 inch outside marked lines. Trace each shape on appropriate felt color or fabric. Cut out shapes on traced lines.

Position the Appliques

Referring to the photo and placement diagram on your pattern, place a snowman on each dark gray felt 2-1/2-inch square; pin. Turn under edges of snowmen 1/8 inch. Using a sewing needle and white sewing thread, hand-applique the snowmen to the backgrounds.

Position a hat on each snowman's head. Turn under edges 1/8 inch and use white sewing thread to applique each hat to head and background. Repeat to applique a nose and scarf to each snowman.

Embroider the Designs

Using a water-soluble marking pen and referring to the placement diagrams, draw eyes, a mouth, arms, and hands on each ornament. Using two strands of black floss, stitch a French knot for each eye. Use black floss and short running stitches to stitch each mouth. Use three strands of brown floss to backstitch arms and hands (see stitch diagrams).

Position candy cane or wreath above a snowman's raised hand, or position the ornament just below raised hand. Turn under felt edges 1/8 inch and use matching sewing thread to appliqué edges to the background.

Use six strands of red floss and straight stitches to form stripes on candy cane.

For ornament, use two strands of gold floss to backstitch a stripe at top and bottom of ornament. Use two strands of red floss to make three cross-stitches across center of ornament. Use two strands of black floss to backstitch a hook from ornament up to and around a snowman finger.

Use two strands of gold floss and straight stitches to stitch stripes on wreath. Using one short strand of gold floss, take a small stitch at top of wreath, center stitch on strand, and remove needle. Tie strand in a small bow; trim ends to desired length. If desired, secure center of bow with a small tack stitch.

Using red sewing thread, stitch a pom-pom to top of each hat. Use six strands of white floss to stitch French knots randomly across each background, leaving a 1/8-inch unstitched border around outside edge of background.

Finish the Ornaments

Pin an embroidered square to a felt backing square. Pin ribbon ends between layers at the top of each ornament. Use dark gray thread to topstitch pieces together, stitching 1/8 inch from each edge.

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November 8, 2018
Cute! But the link to the snowman pattern does not work.