How to Make an Easy Felt Poinsettia Christmas Ornament

Make these beautiful red and white poinsettia flowers from felt with our free printable Christmas ornament pattern and your holiday tree will pop with color.

Handmade felt Christmas ornaments can give your holiday tree a warm, homey look. Pair these pretty felt poinsettia ornaments with clear Christmas lights, white and red glass balls and a felt popcorn garland for a classic look that will be the perfect centerpiece for your holiday display.

If you haven't worked much with felt before, here's a tip: Use freezer paper to make cutting crisp felt shapes possible. Felt tends to slip while being cut, but by using an iron to temporarily adhere freezer paper to the felt sheet before cutting, you can stabilize the fibers and make it much easier to get clean, crisp pattern pieces.

So download our free Christmas ornament pattern now and get started on your poinsettia decorations today.

felt poinsettia Christmas ornaments free pattern

Supplies Needed

How to Make the Felt Ornament

  1. Download the ornament patterns, print and cut out.
  2. Using an iron on medium heat, press freezer paper, shiny side down, onto felt. Use a ballpoint pen to trace the patterns on the freezer paper, trace the Large Poinsettia and Large Leaf onto white felt, the Small Poinsettia onto dark red felt, and Small Leaf onto red felt. Trace each piece five times to make one white and one red flower. Multiply if you want to make more flowers.
  3. Cut out the felt shapes, and peel off the freezer paper.
  4. Dab fabric glue on the right side of one corner of a petal; pinch corners together, holding in place with a clothespin. This will give the petals shape. Repeat for each petal. Let the glue dry; remove clothespins.
  5. Apply fabric glue to the back side of the poinsettia petals and adhere to the leaf pieces, adjusting the spacing so the leaves appear between the petals and the petals touch in the center.
  6. Use a hole punch to create five dots from white felt for red flower and five dots from red felt for white flower. Glue dots over the glued seam of each folded petal.
  7. Form a loop of ribbon or string to hang ornaments, securing on the back of the felt poinsettia with felt glue.
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