Easy Christmas Tree Skirts and Garlands

These tree skirt and garland ideas are simple ways to make your Christmas tree dazzle.

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    Felt Flakes

    Make a graphic skirt from felt. Cut a large circle of felt for the base, cutting a hole in the middle and a slit to the hole. Add large felt snowflakes with fusible web and then stitch or hot-glue fringe around the edge.

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    Ring Around the Evergreen

    A circular felt skirt looks lovely at the base of a tree. Carry through the ball-ornament theme with a border of felt circles in shades of green and bright red. Look for premade tree skirts to embellish, or cut your own felt circle.

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    Cranberry Garland

    For a fresh look and a wonderful scent, gather the whole family together to help string a cranberry garland accented with fresh lime slices.

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    Snowball Garland

    Add a wintry touch to your tree with snowball garland made from glitter-covered foam balls.

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    Mod Tree Skirt

    Mimic the look of your tree's ornaments on a bold skirt embellished with colorful geometric shapes.

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    No-Sew Special

    Glue wedges of textured felt to a circular base for an instant tree skirt. Trim seams with rickrack and edge with pom-pom fringe.

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    Ornament-Trimmed Tree Skirt

    Have yourself a merry little Christmas with an easy custom tree skirt that simply bubbles with style.

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    Tree Skirt

    This skirt provides a lovely backdrop for the many presents that will soon nestle beneath the tree.

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    Feathers All Around

    With colors inspired by a vivid Mexican blanket, this festive tree skirt is infused with howdy ho-ho-ho. Frame the bright blanket stripes with a feathery edge to carry out the western theme.

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    By the Letter

    Cookie letters strung together to spell out the kids' names take the place of traditional garland on this family-friendly tree.

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    Barrel of Baubles

    Replace a traditional skirt with a shiny bucket. Stand your tree in an antique barrel, then use extra ornaments as shimmery filler.

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    Graphic Garland

    Readily available scrapbooking supplies hold the key to making this graphic garland with bold gold-edge circles and squares.

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    Jingle Jangle Garland

    Fill in the branches with garland made from scrapbooking tags and bring holiday cheer at every glance.

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    Adirondack Tree Skirt

    Soft sherpa wool runs the border of this classic tree skirt. The center pattern is a pieced-together set of 25 fabric squares in plaid and tree designs.

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    Gingerbread Friends Garland

    These gingerbread friends hold hands to create a delicious holiday decoration.

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    The Colors of Winter

    Two shapes of burlap pair up for a rustic tree skirt. Just cut the burlap, leaving raw edges, and assemble the pieces using a single topstitch.

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    Fruit Garland

    Early Americans relied on the abundance of nature to recreate their Christmas customs.

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    Sumptuous Skirt

    Make a fashion statement under your tree with a skirt made from layers of rich fabrics such as taffeta and damask. Simply wrap about 3 yards of the fabric around the tree base, tucking the unfinished edges out of sight.

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    Joyful Garland

    Beautifully coordinating papers send season's greetings on this garland. Accordion-folded centers add a ruffled accent, while lettered tags add a classic patchwork look. Attach coordinating stickers and bells and the garland sings with style.

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