Craft your way to a colorful Christmas with these DIY felt ornaments. Inspired by Chinese paper lanterns, these handmade ornaments look complicated but are simpler to make than you might expect. Each ornament is made with two overlapping felt cutouts. Finish the folded felt shapes with a loop of metallic cord and colorful beads. Use our free template and easy step-by-step instructions to make them.

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  • Working time 60 mins
  • Start to finish 60 mins
  • Difficulty Kind of Easy

What you need


How to do it

Part 1

Two felt pieces in a propeller shape
Step 1

Print and trace star pattern

Print out the star pattern and cut out. For one lantern, trace one star pattern onto two contrasting colors of felt. (We used wool felt because it's thick, long-lasting, and sturdy so it holds a shape better than synthetic felt). Cut out felt stars. Spray each star with a light coat of fabric stiffener like Stiffen Quik. (This helps the felt hold its shape when you bend it.) Let dry on a wire rack for 10 minutes, then flatten with an iron as needed. Use an embroidery needle to make a small hole in the center of the star and about 1/4 inch away from each tip. 

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Get the FREE template
Threader with yellow sphere
Step 2

Make the ornament's center

Cut a bamboo skewer to 4 inches, keeping the pointed end. Cut a paper straw to 2 and a half inches and a piece of gold cording to 10 inches. Fold gold cording in half, then push tails through the hole of a large wood bead so they barely peek out the other side. Put a dab of hot glue in the hole where the tails stick out, and insert the cut end of the bamboo skewer. Trim off any visible tails; let glue dry. Knot cording at the bead. 

Using threader to attach two felt pieces
Credit: Jason Donnelly
Bringing felt piece ends to middle
Credit: Jason Donnelly
Step 3

Form ornament shape

Push skewer point through the middle of each star, then through the straw. Push the skewer through the holes in the tips of the star closest to the large bead, then through the holes of the tips of the second star. Finish by hot-gluing a medium bead and small bead to the point of the skewer. 


Completed felt ornament
Credit: Jason Donnelly
Round felt ornaments
Credit: Adam Albright
Step 4

Step 4: Finish and Hang

Once you've mastered the simple how-to, create a collection of these handmade felt ornaments. They make festive DIY Christmas gifts or pretty package toppers. To store your ornaments, wrap them gently with small pieces of bubble wrap or tissue paper and place them into a small box. You want to make sure they're padded enough so each ornament won't be jostled in storage. 


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