DIY Christmas Ornaments

Get crafty this Christmas! Create the look you've always wanted for your home with these easy DIY Christmas ornaments. You choose the embellishments to give these handmade Christmas ornaments your personal touch, then share the love -- give them as gifts, use them as present toppers, hang them on trees, or create a holiday centerpiece.

Wood Bead Snowflake Ornaments

This gorgeous wood bead ornaments only look complicated! A simple stringing technique is all it takes to make this DIY ornament. Use them to trim the tree or give them as fun Christmas gift toppers. 

Felt and Glitter Ornament

Twirl this handmade ornament to see glittery layers of felt. A fun metallic tassel adds the finishing touch. This DIY Christmas ornament also works beautifully as a holiday wall hanging. 

Geometric Copper Ornaments

Make this year's Christmas tree theme all about metallics. These ornaments are made from cut copper and brass tubing. String them together for a whole tree filled with handmade ornaments. 

Felted Ornaments and Gift Tags

There's something about homemade Christmas ornaments that make decorating the tree extra special -- especially when you've personalized each with a monogram. To re-create, simply cut out pieces of felt in any shape and embellish with extra felt strips, triangles, stars, or other festive shapes. Needle-felt designs into your ornaments or stitch letters and patterns for additional decoration. Bonus: These ornaments can double as gift tags!

Dandy Candy

Create a mouthwatering peppermint ornament that looks almost good enough to eat! Apply a thin layer of glue to one side of a disk, then center it on an 8-by-6 inch piece of tissue paper, glue side down. Add a thin layer of glue to the face-up side. Fold the paper around the disk. Twist it candy-wrapper-style, and secure it with knotted lengths of ribbon. Apply glue to one side of the wrapped disk. Coil the yarn in alternating colors to make spiraling peppermint stripes. Let it dry. For hanging, tape a twine loop to the back.

Gilded Agate Ornaments

Add a touch of gold to your Christmas tree decor. These painted agate ornaments shine thanks to metallic accents and colorful tassels. 

Poinsettia Christmas Ornament

Make your own stunning holiday poinsettia to decorate this year's Christmas tree. To do it yourself, simply cut, fold, and glue red cardstock before adding a few white pom-poms to the center.

Drinking Straw Ornaments

Stop sipping on that straw and use it to make a handmade Christmas ornament. All it takes is cutting and stringing them together. 

DIY Paper-Bird Ornament

Fold together a flock of paper birds to adorn your holiday tree. Use an old book and our pattern download. Glue pages from the book to cardstock and let dry, then cut out bird and wing shapes. Accordion-fold a page, then fold in half to create the bird tail. Glue the tail in place and let dry. Make a hanging loop with string, and glue it to the inside of the wings.

Hand-Stitched Felt Ornaments

These pretty pink Christmas ornaments will warm your heart. All they take to create is vibrant wool felt and a simple hand-stitching technique. 

Paper Star Christmas Ornament

This do-it-yourself paper ornament exudes festive sophistication and simplicity: Simple design, simple instructions, and a simple holiday message.

DIY Felt Cupcake Ornament

Mmm ... your Christmas tree will look simply scrumptious when sprinkled with these adorable cupcake-inspired ornaments.

Ribbon-Wrapped Cookie Cutters

Whip up a sweet set of ornaments for your Christmas tree using your favorite cookie cutters! Simply wrap cookie cutters with narrow fabric ribbon (we used red-and-white gingham for an extra-festive touch), and secure the ends with tape. Hang your finished ornaments with loops of bakers twine or yarn.

Pretty Paper Pincone Christmas Ornament

Christmas cards send a special message, so instead of tossing them in the trash, keep them close to your heart by transforming them into these paper pinecone ornaments. Select cards in coordinating colors, then punch out shapes. Hot-glue the pieces in rows to a foam egg, starting at the bottom and overlapping the pieces for each row.

Flights of Fancy DIY Ornament

Detailed with glittery scroll wings and rhinestone eyes, these chipboard birds make beautiful ornaments on any Christmas tree. Simply decorate chipboard with patterned paper and painted designs, add store-bought embellishments, and hang for all holiday guests to adore.

Bearded Gnome Ornament Trio

Transform plain pinecones into a merry trio of bearded gnome figurines in just a few easy steps! Add round wooden beads for the heads, felted hats, and beards crafted from wool roving.

Santa's Greeting Christmas Tree Ornament

Ho, ho, ho! Boring Christmas ornaments become vibrant with an easy paint job and some stickers. Paint a ball ornament with red acrylic paint; let dry. Apply letter stickers and a snowflake to make Santa's laughter ring through the holiday.

Signature Style Ornaments

Every good color palette needs a touch of black. Add names or messages to purchased labels, then press them in place on painted ornaments.

Straw Star Ornaments

You won't believe what this pretty Christmas ornament is made from! Drinking straws. Simply fold and stitch them together to create a stunning star shape. 

Jingle Bell Snowmen Ornaments

Transform ordinary metal jingle bells into broad-smiling, carrot-nose cuties using crafts paint and glitter. Hang these jolly ornaments from a tree, a banister, or any place that needs some wintry cheer.

Felt Star Ornaments

Put the dazzle back into your holiday decorating with these stunning star ornaments -- no pattern required! To make, cut simple shapes from felt and embellish with embroidery floss, pearl beads, and crystal accents. To add visual variety, choose different-size stars and mix up the accessories.

Diamond Snowflake Ornament

This star-shape snowflake works double duty as a regular ornament or a DIY tree topper. Craft together using scrapbook-paper strips, and then give it a little holiday sparkle by adding glitter to the center.

Felt Christmas Tree Cutout Ornament

Felt cutouts come to life when arranged in the form of a Christmas tree in this cute DIY ornament.

DIY Almond Bird Christmas Ornaments

Let these little birds live in your Christmas tree this holiday season. Almonds transform into feathery friends with just a few simple additions.

Metallic Marbleized Ornaments

A quick dip in spray paint gives these handmade Christmas ornaments their shimmer and shine. Mix up any colors you like and give them as homemade Christmas gifts. 

DIY Mistletoe Ornament

Give mistletoe a new look -- and a new spot in your home this year. Remove the cap from a clear glass ornament. Adhere the end of a silk greenery sprig inside the cap with crafts glue; let dry. Carefully insert the greenery into the ornament and secure the cap back into place. Adhere velvet ribbon around the outer rim of the cap as shown; let dry. Thread another length of ribbon through the cap's wire hanger and tie ends together in a knot.

Salt Dough Snowflake Ornament

These charming ornaments look good enough to eat and are a snap to whip up! Preheat the oven to 200 degrees F. Mix 1/2 cup salt, 1 cup flour, and 1/2 cup water until it forms a sticky dough. Roll the dough to 1/4 inch thick, and cut shapes using your favorite holiday cookie cutter (we chose a snowflake). Pierce each shape with a skewer to create a hole for hanging. Bake 4 hours, and let shapes cool completely. Decorate shapes with a permanent marker or acrylic paint.

Fabric Cutout Ornament

Trim your Christmas tree with these effortless ornaments made from fabric scraps. Choose a fabric with bold patterns or colors, then layer with fusible batting. Cut into circles. Press layers together and sew about 1/4 inch from the edge of each circle using a decorative stitch. Finish by edging the fabric ornaments using pinking shears. Attach a loop of ribbon for hanging.

Handmade Ornament Rosettes

Hang these DIY paper ornaments on the Christmas tree, on holiday presents, or on the banister. Cut patterned cardstock into twelve 1x6-inch strips. Loop each strip in half, patterned side out. Glue the ends together. Punch two circles from solid cardstock, and attach to the front and back in the center of the ornament. Add a sticker message and a twine hanging loop to finish.

DIY Glittered Ornament

Make an eye-catching ornament to adorn this year's Christmas tree. Mix two colors of glitter in a disposable pan or bowl. Working over a protected surface, coat an ornament with spray adhesive. Sprinkle the glitter mix on the ornament or roll the ornament in the glitter, covering the ornament entirely. Once dry, tie two coordinating colors of ribbon in a bow to hang the ornament.

Felt Rosette Christmas Ornament

For this simple DIY ornament, you only need three materials: felt in your favorite colors, fabric glue, and string. The step-by-step instructions make it the perfect project for when the kids want to craft.

Painted Glass Ornament

Personalize the message your Christmas tree sends this holiday by painting clear glass ornaments. Remove the top of a glass ornament, and swirl crafts paint diluted with water on the inside of the ornament until it's coated. Let it dry upside down, swirling with another layer of paint if necessary. Replace the top, and add a Christmas message with adhesive scrapbooking letters.

How to Make a Toile Ornament

A toile pattern trimmed from a dinner napkin can make an elegant ornament for your Christmas tree. To make, remove the top from a ball ornament and spray the top red. To steady the ornament, place top-side-down into a cup with a 3-inch-diameter opening. Cut out a favorite design from a toile napkin, and lay it right-side-down in your hand. Brush a thin coat of decoupage medium on the design and carefully press it onto the ornament, smoothing the wrinkles. Allow the ornament to dry before replacing the cap and hanging with ribbon.

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