Dipping frosted glass ornaments in candy hues promotes them from filler to star status.

By Lauren Hedrick and Kim Hutchison
November 19, 2020
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A little color gives inexpensive frosted glass balls an unexpected richness. This easy hack for dressing up plain ornaments calls for just a few budget-friendly supplies from the dollar store. Pick up frosted globes, gel food coloring, crafts glue, and rubbing alcohol and you're on your way to crafting a collection of cheerful (and charmingly giftable) handmade ornaments. Dip the ornaments once for a minimalist two-tone design or dip the ornaments a second time to create colorful geometric patterns. After you've taken your Christmas tree down, store the finished ornaments in a padded ornament box ($40, Bed Bath & Beyond) to ensure the colors stay vibrant and scratch-free.

Credit: Adam Albright

How to Make Dipped Globe Ornaments

Supplies Needed

  • Frosted glass globe ornaments
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Clear crafts glue
  • Wide-mouth jar
  • Gel food coloring
  • Wooden skewers
  • Shoebox
  • Cotton swabs

Step-by-Step Directions

Follow these easy instructions to create a collection of colorful handmade ornaments. You should be able to complete the Christmas craft in under an hour (not including drying time).

Step 1: Prep the Ornaments

Clean the frosted glass globe ornaments ($14 for nine, Target)  with rubbing alcohol; let dry. Meanwhile, mix 2 parts clear crafts glue and 1 part water in a jar wide enough to dip your ornaments. Stir in 12–15 drops of gel food coloring ($15 for six colors, Williams Sonoma). Tap the bottom of the jar on a table to force any air to the top; let stand at least 15 minutes to get rid of bubbles.

Editor's Tip: We found a 16-ounce wide mouth mason jar was large enough to dip a standard 2 1/2-inch ball ornament. We like to buy them in a pack of 12 and use the leftover jars to assemble festive food gifts.

Step 2: Dip and Dry

Dip the ornament as deep as you want. Hang at least 20 minutes to dry. We hung ours from wooden skewers ($2, Hobby Lobby) set across the top of an empty shoebox. Use a cotton swab to dab away drips from the bottom as they form. Repeat as desired. Try dipping the ornaments in the same color twice or dip in a combination of colors like red and blue or yellow and green.

Editor's Tip: Want to double-dip? Make sure the first color is completely dry before you move to the second.


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