Show off your stitching on this Swedish Dala horse ornament.

By BH&G Holiday Editors
Updated April 28, 2020

Decorate your Christmas tree with a handmade Dala horse ornament. This Swedish-inspired design requires just a few simple crafts supplies like felt and colorful embroidery floss. Use our free printable template to get the shape and then customize it with your favorite decorative embroidery stitches. We stuck with a color palette of red, white, and blue but you can use any colors to fit your tree. Use your finished ornament to trim your Christmas tree or add it to your holiday gifts as a festive DIY package topper. You can make this easy Christmas craft in just three simple steps!

Dala Horse Christmas Ornament

Make a Dala Horse Ornament

Supplies Needed

  • Transfer paper
  • Red felt
  • Embroidery hoop and needle
  • Embroidery floss: blue, yellow, and white
  • Polyester fiberfill
  • 1/3 yard of 3/8-inch-wide satin ribbon: white

Step-by-Step Directions

Follow these easy instructions to assemble your own dala horse ornament. You should be able to complete this handmade Christmas ornament in under an hour.

Step 1: Prepare the Pattern

Trace pattern onto white paper. Using transfer paper, transfer pattern outline, and all-black design lines onto red felt for ornament front.

Get the free pattern

Step 2: Embroider the Front

With white floss, work backstitches for saddle and mane outlines, split stitches for the bridle, and French knots at dots on the mane. Referring to pattern and using yellow floss, work lazy daisy stitches on the mane and running stitches between white saddle outlines. With blue floss, work lazy daisy stitches on saddle and backstitches on the mane. With yellow floss, work straight stitches in a V shape at top of each saddle lazy daisy stitch. With blue floss, work threaded running stitches for belly and chest straps.

Step 3: Assemble the Ornament

Cut out embroidered front. Use the pattern to cut a back from a matching color of felt. With wrong sides together and using running stitches and floss that matches felt, sew front and back together, working close to the edges. As you stitch, stuff shape with fiberfill and catch ends of a satin ribbon hanging loop between felt pieces at the base of the mane.


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