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Transform simple supplies into outstanding homemade Christmas ornaments with our easy crafting ideas. Clever embellishments, quick-to-make shapes, and beautiful designs come together to make this collection of easy Christmas ornaments.

Glass Ball Pine Cone Ornaments

Handmade Christmas ornaments don't get easier than this. Fill a plain ball ornament with sugar or salt and finish with pine cones. Or for a more traditional Christmas tree theme, add sprigs of fresh greenery. 

Gold Starburst Ornament

This eye-catching ornament will be the focal point of your decorations! Insert a wooden skewer into a plastic-foam ball to use as a handle while painting. Paint the ball with gold acrylic paint. Place the skewer in a cup; let dry. Insert 50 toothpicks in the ball, spaced evenly. Brush with crafts glue, being sure to cover ball and sides of toothpicks. Sprinkle glitter onto wet glue, working over a surface that allows you to gather the glitter. Let dry and remove the skewer. 


Dried Flower Ornaments

Dried flower blooms add a pop of color to your Christmas tree. To make these easy DIY ornaments, simply glue dried flowers to a wooden craft ring. Add a ribbon to hang and you're done! 

Deer Silhouette Ornament

These faux taxidermy ornaments are a cute way to capitalize on the antler decor trend. Trace the shapes onto balsa wood. Paint background as desired. Use a knife to cut out holes as marked, and assemble each animal. Hang with embroidery floss.

Baked Cinnamon Ornament

A frangrant mix of applesauce and cinnamon is all it takes to make these baked Christmas ornaments. They're as easy as mixing, rolling, cutting, and baking. 

Feathered Friends Ornament

Fun, funky, and bedazzled in glitter, simple cardstock tags are transformed into great ornaments. Cut the bird bodies from red or white glitter paper to avoid the mess of traditional glitter, and draw on the details using paint pens. We used white for the snow on the background, black for the eyes and legs, and red for the details on the feet. Punch a hole in the top corner of each tag, and string with baker's twine to hang.

Shining Star Christmas Ornament

So simple to make, in no time you'll have your own constellation. Cut shapes from disposable foil pans. Use a pushpin to create punched designs, keeping shape on top of cardboard to protect work surface. Attach a loop of string for hanging. 


Quilled Paper Ornaments

This quilled paper ornament only looks complicated. All it takes to make is a simple tool and curling technique. Make several of these handmade ornaments and us them to top your Christmas gifts. 

Corrugated Geometric Ornament

Add some interesting texture to the tree with these 3-D geometric ornaments. Using an elongated papier-mache ornament as a guide, draw a basic petal pattern that's the length of the ornament (you'll use six shapes to cover it). Trace the petal six times onto the back of corrugated cardboard and cut out. The direction of the corrugation on each shape should be horizontal. Lightly spray-paint cardboard. Apply glue to back of each cardboard petal and attach to an elongated papier-mache ornament. String a wooden bead over ornament hanger and add a dab of glue to secure. 


Paint-dipped Pinecone Ornament

Spruce up pinecones that will add cheerful color as ornaments or wreath embellishments. Dip pinecones in paint diluted with water. Let them dry on wax paper, and repeat if you desire a deeper color. 

Miniature Birdhouse Ornament

Kids will be in a twitter when they see these adorable cork birdhouses. Use glue to attach a paper cone to a cork; secure with a clothespin until dry. Wrap base of cork with metallic pipe cleaner. For the bird post, insert a toothpick into cork and trim the pointy end. Glue a small button above the toothpick. Bend a 5-inch piece of 20-gauge wire into a hanging loop and thread on three beads. Push other end of the wire through the paper roof into the cork as shown. 


Mini Chalkboard Christmas Ornaments

With just a little paint and our free holiday patterns, unfinished wood discs can transform into colorful Christmas ornaments. Simply use red chalk paint to color the discs, chalk to draw the designs, and a red ribbon to hang.

Cookie Cutter Ornaments

You use them to shape your Christmas cookies, but have you ever considered turning cookie cutters into decorations themselves? Wrap Christmas-theme cutters in narrow gingham ribbon and outfit with a loop of baker's twine to make the easy Christmas ornaments.

Pine Cone Christmas Ornament

These little guys are sure to bring a smile to anyone who sees them. To make, glue a mini pinecone to a wooden bead and add a felt hat. Add a piple cleaner scarf and secure with glue. Use fine-point markers to add eyes and a mouth. Attach a loop of string for hanging.


25 Days Ornaments

Mark the 25 days leading up to Christmas with a tree full of numbered ornaments. Have fun with the design -- turn the numbers into an advent calendar, hang one every day, or use them to decorate a smaller tabletop tree. We used number stamps and pastel papers to create our ornaments, but you can handwrite yours on more traditional Christmas colors.

Ribbon Ball Ornament

Add a touch of elegance to a plain ball ornament with an unadorned velvet ribbon. Simply hot-glue the ribbon around the ornament; add a ribbon bow where the ends meet.

Personalized Snowflake Ornament

This thoughtful, personalized ornament also can serve as a gift tag or place setting name card. Spray a round papier-mache ornament with chalkboard paint. Cut out snowflake from patterned paper and adhere with glue. Write desired name in white marker. Hot-glue pom-pom trim around edge of ornament, and add a loop of string for hanging.

Paper Ornaments

There's no need to get intricate when decorating your Christmas tree. For the easiest ornament idea ever, simply cut ornament shapes from patterned paper and set eyelets in the top for hanging.


Editor's Tip: To make the Christmas crafts even more simple, use ornament-shape die cuts for each design.

Santa's Greeting Ornaments

Let it be known that Santa is in the house with this greeting. Paint a ball ornament with red acrylic paint. When the paint dries, apply letter stickers and a snowflake to make Santa's signature laugh echo throughout the holiday season.

Paisley Gem Tree Ornaments

Swirls, teardrops, and tiny dots cover satin ball ornaments like frost on a winter windowpane. Freehand-paint fun patterns so each ornament is one-of-a-kind. All you need is a white paint pen and some colorful Christmas balls.

Holly Holiday Christmas Tree Ornaments

Deck the halls with boughs of holly with these Christmas tree ornaments. Hot-glue a plastic sprig of holly and berries to the inside of a clear ornament cap. Twist the ornament cap into place so the holly hangs down inside the bauble.

Metallic Snowflake Christmas Ornaments

Make a colorful snowstorm come to life with our easy ornament idea. Dab metallic paint onto Christmas tree ornaments using a sponge to create texture. Punch snowflakes from cardstock and adhere just the centers. Top the snowflakes with round epoxy stickers adhered to the centers for a frosty fun addition to your tree.

Patterned-Paper Ornaments

Paper ornaments are some of the easiest designs to make at home. Cut out a tree shape from festive holiday-motif cardstock. Mat the tree on white paper, then add rhinestone trim and a snowflake on top.

Decorated Paper Christmas Ornaments

Let your creativity shine with these simple paper Christmas tree ornaments. Cut out circles from colored cardstock. Add string, ribbons, buttons, and other holiday decorations to make one-of-a-kind ornaments. Glue on a piece of gold foil to mimic an ornament cap.

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