Christmas Ornament Craft

Add a little DIY to your tree trimming! These ornaments are a quick and easy way to add a personal touch to this year's Christmas Tree. Shiny paper and a handy-dandy hole punch are the keys to these bold Christmas Ornaments.

Make a pretty Christmas ornament craft -- cheap! We'll show you how to combine metallic paper, brads, and cording to make a simple ornament you'll love.

We're making new baubles for this year's Christmas tree! These shiny, architectural paper strip ornaments will add new levels of dimension to your tree's branches. Bonus: these won't break if they are dropped, unlike their glass counterparts.

What You'll Need:

Metallic sheet paper

Silver cord

Hole punch

Two brads

Step 1: Cut Paper

Cut metallic sheet paper into evenly sized strips. Punch a hole in each end of one of the strips. Use the first strip's holes as a template for punching holes in the rest of the strips. Punch holes in each end of each strip. All of the holes should line up when the paper strips are stacked together.

Step 2: Add Brads

Push brad through one end of each strip; secure. Fan out paper strips. Using the second brad, connect each strip. Start with paper strips that are opposite one another. The connected strips should form a sphere.

Step 3: Hang the Ornament

Knot the silver cord so it forms a loop. Secure the bottom of the loop to the top brad on the ornament. The top of the loop will allow you to hang it on your Christmas tree.


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