A 12-year-old boy invented the product to protect his family’s precious ornaments, and now he wants to share the invention with others.

By Emily VanSchmus
August 31, 2020
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One of the most iconic family Christmas traditions is decorating the tree—which is all fun and games until a sentimental ornament gets broken. When 12-year-old Ayaan Naqvi noticed his family’s heirloom ornaments kept falling off the Christmas tree and breaking, he wanted to find a way to protect them. The heavy ornaments were beloved hand-me-downs, so his family wanted to display them—but due to the weight of the ornaments, they would easily slide off the branches and crash onto the floor. 

Around the same time, Ayaan needed to come up with an invention for his fourth-grade school project, so he created a solution: An ornament anchor that would attach to the end of the branch and keep the ornament from sliding off. The anchor worked with any kind of Christmas tree and was an instant success.

Ayaan told us that what started out as a simple school project quickly turned into a business venture when he saw the response to his project. “When it was time to present my invention to my school, my booth was overwhelmed with people telling me how they could use it for their homes,” he said. “One lady even wanted to buy some!” 

He says this was the moment he knew he was onto something. So he turned to his parents (both successful entrepreneurs) for help developing a prototype. Then, he and his 13-year-old brother Mika’il “Mickey” applied for a patent, created a website, and pitched the idea to QVC—and the rest is history. 

“I was so excited that I was able to take Ayaans idea, and help him develop it into a real business,” Mika'il told us. “Knowing that so many people have it in their homes, makes me proud of all of the work that my brother and I put in.”

ornament on christmas tree
The Ornament Anchor attaches securely to the tree branch so the ornament can't slide off.
| Credit: Courtesy of Ornament Anchor

Now, the Naqvi family never has to worry about their sentimental ornaments falling off the tree—and neither do you! Here’s how they work: Each plastic anchor uses loop-and-pull clamps to hold the ornament in place and attach it to the branch. Whether you're hanging fancy glass balls or putting up a vintage DIY Christmas ornament, the anchor will keep it from sliding forward or backward on the tree branch, and can be used on a real evergreen (here's how to pick the best one!) or a faux Christmas tree. Plus, the anchors come in red and green, so you can choose to have them blend in with green or flocked Christmas tree branches or opt for the red version so they stand out.

Each anchor can hold up to 48 ounces (3 pounds), so you can display all your favorite ornaments without worrying about them sliding off and breaking. Ayaan’s invention is available for purchase through the Ornament Anchor website and can also be found on Amazon (although the products are less expensive if you purchase directly from Ayaan's website). 

ornament in a red box
Ornament Anchors attach to any standard ornament, so you can use them in place of the traditional flimsy metal hooks.
| Credit: Courtesy of Ornament Anchor

The anchors come in packs of 3, 12, 24, and 48, and you can score free shipping on any order over $20. Plus, a portion of the proceeds is donated to local animal shelters—so there’s no excuse not to use this hack to protect your most valuable ornaments. 

Ayaan told us that while he’s proud of the business aspect of this project, it’s so meaningful for his family to be part of creating a positive holiday experience for others. “I am so proud of all the work my brother and I put into Ornament Anchor to make it what it is,” he says.  “It is so heart-warming to know that everything my brother and I did makes such a big difference to so many people and protects their memories.”


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