Bright Beads Christmas Ornaments

Shimmering beads and chenille stems combine to add holiday sparkle to your Christmas tree.

Kids enjoy crafting when they get to call the shots. These colorful ornaments allow the crafters to select beads in their favorite colors, then use them to create personalized holiday decorations. All of the supplies are easy to find in most crafts and/or bead shops.

Materials and Tools

  • Ornament patterns (see link below)
  • Ruler
  • Glittering chenille stems in assorted colors
  • Wire cutters
  • 18mm sunburst beads in assorted colors
  • 13mm star beads in assorted colors
  • 8mm faceted beads in assorted colors
  • 11mm propeller beads in assorted colors
  • 12 24x12mm emerald holly-leaf beads
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Round-nose pliers

Download Ornament Patterns


Our instructions let you recreate the ornaments we made. Download and print the ornament patterns if you want to follow along. Or create your own shapes and use the beads and colors you prefer.

For each ornament you make, you'll need to cut chenille stems to the suggested length and string beads. Use the round-nose pliers to finish the ends of the chenille stems with tiny loops (used with the snowflake and icicle). Twist two chenille stems together with the needle-nose pliers to create longer stems as needed.

The angel ornament requires a 12-inch purple chenille stem for the body.

The wreath ornament uses five 1-1/2-inch lengths of red chenille steps to attach pairs of holly-leaf beads to the wreath shape. Thread two holly beads onto the middle of each stem and set aside (there will be two holly beads left). Using the diagram as a reference, thread six assorted beads onto a green chenille stem. Attach one pair of holly-leaf beads next to the last bead. Repeat until there are only two holly beads left.

Cut a 5-inch length of red chenille stem. Make a hanging loop and slide the final holly leaves onto the twisted part of the stem before attaching it to the wreath body.


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