Beveled Glass Snowflake Ornaments

Put the Jack Frost icing on your holiday decor with beveled-glass diamonds with metal-leafing and stickers.

You start with plain glass ornaments (we liked the diamond shape) purchased at a crafts store, then work some wintertime magic. Using our simple instructions, you apply metal leafing to the ornament to create a burnished golden outline, surrounding a shimmering golden snowflake.

Materials and Tools

  • Diamond-shaped beveled-glass ornaments
  • Leafing adhesive pen
  • Metal leafing (silver leaf, flower-petal leaf, and sea-spray leaf)
  • Glass and tile top-coat varnish
  • Vinyl snowflake stickers (gold and silver)


Applying leafing adhesive.

1. Clean and dry the glass shapes. Apply the leafing adhesive to the beveled edges of the glass ornament following the manufacturer's instructions.

Attaching the metal leafing.

2. When the adhesive is tacky, apply metal leafing according to the manufacturer's directions. Let the leafing dry for at least 1 hour.

Brushing off excess leafing.

3. Gently brush off the excess metal leafing. Note: If the beveled edges aren't completely covered with leafing, repeat steps 1 and 2 to fill any missed areas.

4. Paint the metal leafing with varnish and set aside to dry.

5. Apply vinyl snowflake stickers to the centers of the ornaments.

Hang the ornaments on your Christmas tree. Or hang them in a sunny window for a holiday-themed suncatcher.


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