Beaded Snowflake Ornaments

Light will dance on these wintertime snowflakes made from a variety of crystal-like beads.

The simplest of craft store supplies -- pins, beads, thread, and glitter paint -- combine to create these sparkly hanging ornaments. Though originally designed for crafting by adults, check below for a variation that the kids can try.

Materials and Tools

  • Corsage pins with pearl ends (available in fabric and craft stores)
  • Crystal-like beads in desired shapes and sizes (we used clear narrow tubes and round beads in several sizes)
  • Small cork
  • Iridescent white glitter paint pen (usually used for fabric, available in craft and discount stores)
  • Monofilament thread


1. Place beads on one corsage pin in desired order, leaving the last 1/4 inch without beads. Make three more beaded pins using the same arrangement. Make another set of four beaded pins, using a different arrangement. Make an additional set of two beaded pins. (You should have a total of 10 beaded pins.)

2. Cut the cork, if necessary, so it is about 1/4 inch long. With the round side of the cork lying on the work surface, poke one beaded pin into the cork (close to the work surface) like a spoke of a wheel. Place a matching beaded pin opposite the first. Place the remaining two opposite each other, between the first set.

3. Using the remaining set of four, poke each into the cork, slightly closer to the top of the cork and alternating with the first set of four. Place the remaining two beaded pins into each round end of the cork.

4. Cover the cork using glitter paint pen. Allow to dry. Apply a second coat, if necessary, and let dry.

To hang, cut a desired length of monofilament thread and tie to one spoke of the snowflake. Or stand several of these sparkling snowflakes on your mantel or group them to create a wintertime centerpiece.

Variation for Kids

If the kids want to make these snowflakes, use pipe cleaners instead of pins and plastic foam balls instead of corks. Bend the end of the pipe cleaners into a loop to keep the beads from falling off the outside end.


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