Christmas Ornaments

Give new life to your holiday tree by creating handmade Christmas ornaments. Explore hundreds of fun and festive ideas, including Christmas tree ornaments kids can make. Each one offers a unique accent for your tree -- no two are exactly alike. So whether you prefer whimsical, natural, or traditional holiday decor, you don't have to start from scratch. We have a number of ideas for decorating a plain ornament, including glitter, trims, and even stickers. But don't stop at your tree! Personalized Christmas ornaments also make great gifts; try one of our easy-sew or budget-friendly photo ideas that share the year's memories.

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How to Make DIY Handprint Ornaments

This fun Christmas craft for kids will preserve their hand or footprint in an ornament for years to come. We'll show you how to make your own DIY handprint ornament with homemade salt dough.
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Make Felt Christmas Cookie Ornaments

Covered with creamy felt “frosting” and dotted with bead sprinkles, these delicate Christmas cookie ornaments might make your mouth water for the real thing.
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How to Make Cute Christmas Ornaments from Mason Jar Lids

Transform Mason jar lid rings into beautiful miniature wreaths that double as festive ornaments and holiday gift toppers.
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The Story Behind Spider Christmas Ornaments Is So Heartwarming

Ornamental spiders aren't only used as Halloween decorations. These Christmas creepy-crawlies are a token of good luck.
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How to Make Adorable Wood-Slice Animal Ornaments

Add charm to your Christmas tree with DIY animal ornaments, including ideas for a fox, penguin, raccoon, and moose.