Stop Everything Because Hallmark is Playing Non-Stop Christmas Movies

Nothing says 'Christmas spirit' quite like a Hallmark movie marathon. And lucky for us, Hallmark is streaming all of our favorites non-stop between now and Christmas! Catch all of the Hallmark classics you know and love, plus 21 new movie premieres.
Photo courtesy of Hallmark.

This year Hallmark is releasing 21 new holiday films and we seriously can't contain our excitement. Break out the cozy blankets and hot chocolate, because every Saturday and Sunday night between now and Christmas you can snuggle up to catch the premiere of one of these films. Our favorite part? Hallmark has already started their 'Countdown to Christmas,' which means they're playing nonstop, back-to-back Hallmark Christmas movies every hour of the day until December 25. Talk about a Christmas miracle! To get you ready for the countdown, we've rounded up a few of the new films we're most excited about.

A Song for Christmas

According to Hallmark, this movie is about a popstar who runs away from her tour bus and finds herself spending the holidays on a local dairy farm, bonding with the family who doesn't know who she is. At first it appears the family's oldest son may try to expose her to the tabloids, but Hallmark's official synopsis hints at a love story instead. In true Hallmark movie fashion, we're pretty sure this story has a happy ending! 

Watch Hallmark's First Look preview of this movie here

Christmas in the Air

Photo courtesy of Hallmark.

Hallmark's charming description of this film involved professional organizer Lydia, who falls for Roger, a man who desperately needs his life put in order— and we're guessing this film has a little organizing and a lot of holiday romance! 

Watch Hallmark's First Look preview of this movie here.

Sugar and Spice

This holiday season, pastry chef Ginger finds herself not only in the finals of the American Gingerbread Competition, but also in the company of Bobby, her old high school sweetheart. Hallmark hints that Ginger has a shot at a first place ribbon or winning over her true love—we're rooting for her to wind up with both! 

Plan the perfect holiday movie marathon with Hallmark's full schedule of Christmas favorites and make sure you don't miss any new movies with their full schedule of premiere dates.  


  1. When was this article written - Hallmark is still airing Summer movies through this weekend and these movies are ones I've seen. Fall Harvest movies start next weekend and Countdown to Christmas starts October 26.

  2. Please tell me if these Christmas movies are on the regular hallmark channel or on the I have to pay my cable company more money, Hallmark Movie Channel. When Spectrum took over Time Warner, HMC was moved to a higher tier. I miss it allot. I hope I don't have to miss all of Christmas movies.

  3. only time of year I really watch tv - best entertainment ever

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