Your Best Photos: Christmas Decorations, 2010

Christmas Frogs Display
Check out these photos of Christmas trees, ornaments, indoor and outdoor decorations, crafts, and table decor submitted by users -- then get inspired for your own holiday decorating!

Snowflake Tree

Submitted by kayaustin2

We've gone through hundreds of tree photos submitted by our users and picked the best -- the ones that exemplify sophisticated BHG style.

This simple tree is a winter wonderland with long, curly blue ribbons and pretty snowflake ornaments.

A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree

Submitted by mlsumrall19742

Although this tabletop tree is sparse, its shimmering ornaments and festive garland give it the cute appeal like the tree from A Charlie Brown Christmas.

Poinsettia Tree

Submitted by martineblanchette

The perfect way to add a natural seasonal look to your tree is with big poinsettias. Combined with shiny red and gold ornaments and fun tinsel, this tree offers a classy take on the traditional.

Victorian Tree

Submitted by violet32062

Beautiful pink roses and paper fans adorn this white tree for a bright vintage look. A matching pink angel tree topper and flowing white ribbon make for a girly feel.

Frosted Tree

Submitted by pouchh

This tree's decorations are understated but glamorous. Frosted branches and white birds stand out against bronze and gold ornaments. Coordinating wrapped presents continue the glitz.

Blue Christmas Tree

Submitted by alaskagalkathie

Bright blue tinsel, snowflake ornaments, and silver ribbon are the perfect hangout for snowman stuffed animals, bringing an icy yet playful feel to Christmas decorating.

Fish-mas Tree

Submitted by mbduvendack1

This tree is covered with real fishing lures, bobbers, bells, and swivels. A lantern, a net, and a boating bear add to this fisherman vignette.

Musical Tree

Submitted by thom wood

Any musician would appreciate this tree decorated with oversize music notes, funky candles, and other music-theme ornaments.

Candy Tree

Submitted by made408

Decorated with big peppermint and candy cane ornaments, this tree looks good enough to eat. Striped presents wrapped with big bows are fun and bold.

Tree Lady

Submitted by kerrylc3677812

This snowman tree stands out (literally -- look at the shoes!). A pair of glasses and some warm clothes have this tree dressed for a winter walk.

Toile Ornament

Submitted by Maura.donnelly0815

Christmas ornaments personalize a tree, especially when they're handmade. These ornaments have creative and fun designs.

This plain glass ornament was transformed into a true beauty when wrapped with red-and-white toile and trimmed with red velvet ribbon.

Beaded Ornament

Submitted by misslittle mary

A beautiful beaded ornament drapes over a plain glass ornament to add style and elegance.

Cork Horse Ornament

Submitted by broomtail10

Old corks come together to make a Christmas horse ornament. Red yarn and patterned paper make this mare festive with holiday cheer.

Bottlebrush Trees

Submitted by grannyporky1

Indoor decor drives the holiday spirit home. These decoration picks are festive, fun, and easy to replicate.

A variety of bottlebrush trees make a lovely forest display on a gold serving platter. A few ornaments and small wrapped presents add holiday color.

Chandelier Display

Submitted by cindytrumpet

Cut cedar, hanging vintage red ornaments, and red bows draw attention upwards to an unexpected display.

White Windows

Submitted by hummelhesse

A drape of garland dresses up white curtains for an unexpected Christmas decoration. Pretty white poinsettias and silver ornaments adorn the garland and add elegance.

Hymnal Angel

Submitted by kimsgreentreeacres

Old hymnal books get recycled as a musical angel. Red and white ribbon and a stitched dress make this angel sing with holiday cheer.

Gingerbread House

Submitted by dkelly27

This gingerbread house is a replica of the user's home. Not only is it beautifully made, but it's also entirely edible.

Poinsettia Centerpiece

Submitted by Ramona campan

Evergreen sprigs, poinsettias, pinecones, and candles combine to form a classic Christmas centerpiece.

Window Snowmen

Submitted by schumaker1948

Painted snowmen faces, a birdhouse, and a crow make up this snowy window display, giving a nice view no matter how bad the weather is outside.

Festive Mantel

Submitted by vigilantpraise

Silver and green are the main colors in this retro mantel decor. A combination of tabletop Christmas trees, shimmering ornaments, and a big wreath draw attention to the fireplace.

Burlap Stocking

Submitted by debmill1992

We're not all crafters, so we give kudos to those who use their special talents to spread Christmas cheer.

Burlap and printed fabric make a designer stocking. Natural colors and straw stuffing complement any holiday decor.

Ornament Chair Decoration

Submitted by 151267

A simple evergreen sprig, green bow, and antique ornament makes this the best seat at the table.

Christmas Card

Submitted by kmoliver1983

This creative card uses ribbon and paper scraps for a festive holiday greeting.

Candle Centerpiece

Submitted by gizmogal64

These holiday table decorations set the mood for the delicious holiday feast.

White candles surrounded by lavish red and gold ribbons and small ornaments make a warm centerpiece.

Christmas Place Setting

Submitted by nadelspiel

Red and white plates separated by a striped napkin create a bold and bright look. A bird ornament perches as a retro decoration and a fun party favor.

Candy Cane Vase

Submitted by pi-graham

Big silk flowers get a holiday twist with a vase covered in candy canes and tied with a red ribbon.

Christmas Table

Submitted by pier4phx

Clever stocking silverware holders instantly perk up a plain place setting for the holidays. A trio of grouped candleholders act as a centerpiece when ornaments are set on top.

Snowman Wreath Display

Submitted by jhpspears

Outdoors decorations give a peek into the festive decorations in the house. These users give their guests a great show on the way inside.

Even if this yard doesn't get snow, it didn't stop the owners from building a snowman. Three stick wreaths, a scarf, and a hat secured to a wall make a fun outdoor display.

Skates & Sleigh Display

Submitted by anniestipsandtoes

Hanging skates and an old toboggan propped on a porch evoke childhood memories of Christmases past. A snow-covered wreath and big red bows greet visitors at the door.

Bright Lights Display

Submitted by ernieslone

This homeowner didn't hold back on the holiday lighting. Colorful lights illuminate every corner of the house, and Santa and his sleigh sit on the roof.

Winter Wreath

Submitted by strbryblond06

This wispy twig wreath is simply decorated with a cream bow for a wintery door decoration.

Polar Bear Express Door

Submitted by millardh99

This porch becomes a winter wonderland when decorated with a polar bear statue, a North Pole sign, and hanging snowflakes.

Snowmen Picket Fence

Submitted by AnTK

Socks decorated with faces, scarves, and hats make cute snowmen snuggled over the posts of a picket fence.

North Pole Gazebo

Submitted by nicolahead

Decorating a gazebo brings Christmas to the backyard. A white Christmas tree surrounded by pretty lights and a towering Santa statue will have guests wanting to step out into the cold.

Christmas Frogs Display

Submitted by rapunzelblonde

Fun and festive statues stand to greet visitors. Potted plants dressed in white lights make for an inviting walkway.

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