Your Best Photos: Christmas Decorations and Trees

Oversized ornament yard display
Check out these photos of Christmas trees, ornaments, and more submitted by users - then get inspired to create your own for this year's holiday season.

Top 5 Christmas Trees

Candy Christmas Tree from DREWSMOM0430

Why we picked this: Only real candy ornaments adorn this playful tree. We wouldn't mind having this around the office!

Top 5 Christmas Trees

Double Decker from musbafox

Why we picked this: Can it even be real? We can't believe how this larger-than-life tree got into their home, or how they managed to decorate it all the way to the top. It's breathtaking!

Top 5 Christmas Trees

Tropical Christmas from sandysand1

Why we picked this: Just right for a living room corner or tiny apartment, this tropical-looking tree is decorated with a flair for color and a sense of humor. We love the wrapped trunk and whimsical ornaments.

Top 5 Christmas Trees

Full of Butterflies from amsorrentinocastro

Why we picked this: Spring themes in Christmas decor are a rare find, but we find this tree's oversize butterflies to be a fresh alternative to traditional trimmings.

Top 5 Christmas Trees

Mardi Gras from patdbar

Why we picked this: We are crazy about this tree's rich fabric garlands and real feather masks. It looks like Fat Tuesday came a little early!

Christmas Mantels

Rustic Hearth from parmstrong3641491

Why we picked this: The antique crocks, chest, and other decorations look flawless next to a rugged stone fireplace. What a warm, welcoming Christmas hearth.

Christmas Mantel

Christmas Mantle from jjl62mom

Why we picked this: We love the simple shapes used in this striking mantel display, as well as its hip combination of traditional and modern decor.

Christmas Mantels

Up in Lights from boozerlog

Why we picked this: Plenty of white lights help create the cozy glow every fireplace is meant to provide. The ribbon, ornaments, and other details add elegance, too.

Christmas Mantels

Nutcrackers from joan_calvin

Why we picked this: What a great example of classic Christmas style. The white, green, and gold Nutcrackers coordinate perfectly with the rest of the decor.

Christmas Mantels

Dramatic Candles from K. Morgante

Why we picked this: Nothing tops stockings better than candles and evergreen garland. Plus, we love this mantel's small touches: tall glass candlesticks, greenery carried around the picture frame, and a small red cardinal. Beautiful!

Doorway mantel

Doorway mantle from annether

Why we picked this: No mantel? This framework of architectural trim, garland, and ornaments proves that you can still hang the stockings with care -- even without a chimney.


Table Setting from Tar58

Why we picked this: Simply stunning! Ornate patterns on doilies and glasses accentuate the alternating layers of red and white to make a very merry tablescape.


White Gold from chic.shabby

Why we picked this: Simplistic beauty is striking at Christmastime. Just three elements -- greenery, crystal, and fruit -- create a serene display.


Rich elegance from mcheryl135

Why we picked this: The owners of this regal holiday dining room made full use of poinsettias to complement their lush red drapes. Those colorful wreaths in the windows look gorgeous from here -- we just wish we could take a closer look!


Formal Dining from rachelrnmedic

Why we picked this: Pink-and-yellow topiaries brighten up the otherwise-traditional red, green, and gold table design. We love the fresh color combination!

Christmas Displays

Christmas Birdhouses from adiennieves

Why we picked this: Pairing white lights with sprayed-on faux snow gives this display a frosty-yet-friendly charm. And the miniature village looks right at home in front of the old-fashioned window frame with mirror inserts.

Christmas Displays

Village Houses from gab52521760

Why we picked this: This ladder makes a perfect village for these miniature houses. Faux snow, fresh evergreen boughs, and twinkling lights create a winter wonderland.

Christmas Displays

Foyer Tablescape from suegoo

Why we picked this: Apothecary jars filled with fruit make a fool-proof holiday addition to any table. The two-tone green theme is especially nice for Christmas.

Christmas Displays

Lighted Woodlands from beaswax59

Why we picked this: Perfect for any corner in the house, this friendly woodland scene (complete with snowmen) brings Christmas cheer to the room.

Christmas Displays

Oh, Deer from ednamills45

Why we picked this: Bright red poinsettias provide a colorful backdrop to these elegant deer figurines, and the fabric bow borders the scene.

Christmas Displays

Glass Arrangement from semilove

Why we picked this: The variety of objects in this vase is so interesting, we find something new every time we look at it!

Christmas Displays

Russian Santas from malaia_llama

Why we picked this: Playful, adorable, nesting Saint Nicks -- what's not to love?

Christmas Displays

Dining Room Decor from donnaschultz802

Why we picked this: Mercury ornaments, pinecones, and silver and white ornaments look especially pretty under this glass cloche. "Have someone to help turn it over," Donna says, "it can be tricky!"

Christmas Displays

Gift Wrapped from sissieschrader

Why we picked this: Check out this fun way to recycle old wrapping paper! "It is good to alternate colors," says Sissie, who adhered the paper to her cupboards with double-stick tape.

Christmas Displays

Trophy Cup from lpenner1

Why we picked this: We adore this eclectic mix of vintage collectibles served on a silver platter.


Topsy-Turvey from brobert177

Why we picked this: An upside-down candlestick serves as a snowflake ornament display piece. We admire the ingenuity.


Breakfast Table Centerpiece from suzybullock

Why we picked this: Simple meets classic with this do-it-yourself centerpiece comprised of a mottled white and green candle surrounded by fresh cranberries.


Sandy's Centerpiece from sandanbo1

Why we picked this: Colorful fruit and bird accents transform a greenery centerpiece into something special. And those miniature deer are too cute!


Handprint Snowmen from tlk4023202

Why we picked this: One tiny handprint turns into four friendly snowmen after a little paint embellishments. The creator recommends writing the child's name and year on the ornament, then finishing it with a few light coats of sealer.


Keepsake from johnsjenrog

Why we picked this: The delicate beads used to craft this intricate ornament were recovered from a fire that destroyed a multigenerational family business. We are so touched by the story and impressed by the design.


Golf Ornament from tlk4023202

Why we picked this: This ornament was custom-designed with the creator's husband in mind. "He loves it!" she says.

Outdoor Decor

Christmas Porch from frenchfever

Why we picked this: Symmetry at its finest, this elegant doorway serves as a stunning focal point for a Christmas porch. And we love the lighted wreaths and bows on the large flanking windows.

Outdoor Decor

Bell Wind Chime from heatherfields57

Why we picked this: Made from metallic jingle bells, ribbon, and a small ornament, this clever wind chime glistens even more with a little snow on it.

Outdoor Decor

Ice Candle from rosemary_baker

Why we picked this: This luminaria's textured glow lights up cold holiday nights. For the icy shell, a 5-gallon pail of water was partially frozen. Then the excess water was dumped, the ice form was removed from the pail, and a votive candle was placed inside.

Outdoor Decor

Jingle Bells from bklyndodgers13

Why we picked this: We had to chuckle at the sight of those gigantic Christmas ornaments next to this outdoor tree. In the evening, this scene turns into an amazing lights display.

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