Use natural accessories to make these cute-as-can-be wooden people. Made from simple wood peg dolls and acorn toppers, these woodland people are so adorable - and so easy!


These bright colors and festive acorn toppers create the perfect modern Christmas display! Use these adorable characters to decorate winter scenes all around your house - and since watercolor paint allows you to customize the shade of each color, it's easy to match these to your existing winter decor!

What You'll Need

  • 2-inch wooden peg doll 
  • Liquid watercolor paint 
  • Film canister
  • Newspaper
  • Mod podge 
  • Thin paint markers 
  • Paint brush 
  • Hot glue 
  • Acorn tops 

Step 1: Dip Dye

To give the wood people their brightly colored bodies, fill film canisters with liquid watercolor paint. Add a small amount of water to the watercolor paint for bright and bold colors, and add more water to create a more pastel look. If you're partial to iPhone photos and don't have access to film canisters, no problem! You can use any tall, thin container that is deep enough to submerge the peg doll. Hold the doll by the head and submerge it in the paint just below the head. Dip it a few times and let dry completely on newspaper.

Step 2: Mod Podge

Use a paint brush to add decoupage paint to any areas of the wood figure you're planning to embellish with the paint pen. If you've ever used a permanent marker on plain wood, you'll have noticed that the marker's ink sinks into the wood and spreads - not a great look for your peg person's face. Adding a coat of decoupage creates a barrier between the ink and wood so any that embellishments you add will stay exactly where you put them!

Step 3: Acorn Tops

Once the decoupage is dry, use a paint pen or a thin permanent marker to give your peg person a smiling face. Then, use hot glue to turn an acorn top into the cutest winter hat ever!

Step 4: Style

When your peg people are completely dry and outfitted in their acorn toppers, use them as winter embellishments around the house. Add them to existing decorations in your home, or create a whole nativity scene of bright wood characters.


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