16 Ideas for Poinsettia Decor for Holiday Spirit Throughout Your Home

Get our favorite ideas for decorating with poinsettias.

Wreath with poinsettias hanging on wall
Photo: Marty Baldwin

Poinsettias aren't limited to red. And they don't have to stay in the pot. Try some of these ideas for decorating with this classic Christmas plant. We're sharing poinsettia decorating ideas for nearly every room of your home.

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Cut Poinsettias

Pink and red poinsettia in small planter
Marty Baldwin

'Mini Star' poinsettias are grown one flower per plant in a tiny plastic pot. Tucked into an espresso-size cup, they're a perfect embellishment for a place setting. If 'Mini Star' poinsettias are unavailable where you live, get the same effect with a cut poinsettia in a cup or vase.

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Easy Poinsettia Centerpiece

Yellow poinsettia with Christmas trees
Marty Baldwin

Creative a festive Christmas centerpiece with colorful 'Autumn Leaves' poinsettia decor. Slip your poinsettia, pot and all, into a decorative ceramic container, then create the rest of the display. Finally, add a wrapped Christmas present and a few colorful ornaments from the tree.

Editor's Tip: Use a neutral table runner for this holiday centerpiece—so the poinsettia takes center stage!

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Poinsettia Planter

Small Christmas tree and poinsettias on table
Marty Baldwin

The statement a couple of colorful poinsettias and a tabletop Christmas tree can make is impressive. Display them in a simple wooden planter tied with a classic bow. Finish the easy holiday decoration with colorful star ornaments and a simple knit garland.

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Festive Poinsettia Arrangement

Red and white flowers in wooden planter
Marty Baldwin

Display the season's best—poinsettias, amaryllis, evergreen—in this easy Christmas arrangement. Tuck potted amaryllis into the center of a poinsettia plant (gently separate the leaves to make space) and cover with evergreen sprigs. Finish by placing the entire arrangement into a simple wooden planter.

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Winter Poinsettia Decor

Red flowers in plaid planter
Marty Baldwin

Create seasonal poinsettia decor in a festive plaid planter. Arrange pine, juniper, Cupressus, 'Harlequin Red' poinsettias, and eucalyptus pods around a few cut birch branches, then finish the display with smaller darker clusters of fruit like ligustrum (privet).

Editor's Tip: Can't find a plaid planter? Wrap a plain red or green planter with a plaid ribbon.

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Poinsettia Mantel

poinsettias on fireplace mantel

Carson Downing

Here peach and pink poinsettias inspired a mantel display in a fresh holiday palette. Gold- and champagne-color objects complement the plant's hot colors. For a display that has a sense of movement and doesn't look too stiff, mix plants in different sizes and colors (like this red and white mix from Better Homes & Gardens, $39, Walmart).

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Itty Bitty Poinsettia Tree


Two-tone 'Strawberries 'n Cream' poinsettias become the ornaments on a potted topiary of English ivy. Cut the flowers with about 6 inches of stem and remove the leaves (and a few of the colored outer bracts, if you want more petite blooms). Leave the cut poinsettias in a vase of cool water for 30 minutes to allow the cut ends to seal. Then poke each stem into a water-filled floral pick and nestle it into the ivy.

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Easy Poinsettia Display

Poinsettias on top of wrapped gifts
Marty Baldwin

Not all gifts are under the tree! Create a festive holiday entryway with a few wrapped presents and potted poinsettia plants. Place covered packages on the ground and top with patterned wood boxes to create this display. Place a 'Superba Glitter' poinsettia into each box and finish with scattered ornaments.

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Hanging Poinsettias

Poinsettias in hanging glass planters
Marty Baldwin

There's no need to worry about the shape of your plant when you cut the blooms and set them in water. Place the cut poinsettia bracts in hanging macrame vases. Change the water frequently to keep the cut poinsettias fresh.

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Poinsettia-Packed Holiday Stairs

Poinsettias and Christmas décor with cat
Marty Baldwin

Seasonal plants, like poinsettias and small potted evergreens, give your home instant cheer. Arrange them on the stairs in simple woven baskets to create a colorful holiday display. To up the festive look, add bright red ball ornaments, cut birch branches, and simple hurricane candle holders.

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Simple Poinsettia Decoration

Pink poinsettia in knitted mitten
Marty Baldwin

Why settle for basic poinsettia decor set out in a foil-covered pot? For a new look, cut poinsettia flowers and evergreen sprigs and place them in florists water picks. Place the cut poinsettia in a knit mitten and finish with a ribbon bow.

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Poinsettia Paired With Berries

Pink poinsettia in gold planter
Marty Baldwin

Show off pink poinsettias in a tall floral arrangement. California laurel, available from florists, looks lovely when interspersed with poinsettias. Finish the display with cut evergreen, Christmas bush clippings, and simple branches.

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Colorful Poinsettia Basket

Large wicker basket with poinsettias
Marty Baldwin

Think outside plain red poinsettias! This colorful display showcases the variety and beauty of a rainbow of poinsettia varieties. To get the look, place dry floral foam at the bottom of an oversized basket. Place potted 'Harlequin Red,' 'J'adore Hot Pink,' and 'Autumn Leaves' poinsettias on the foam. Water the display throughout the season.

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Indoor Blooming Poinsettia Wreath

Wreath with poinsettias hanging on wall
Marty Baldwin

Jazz up a plain gold wreath hoop with cut poinsettias in floral water picks. The variety 'Jingle Bells' is red, splashed with pink. Attach the bracts with florists wire and wire on cut evergreen and greenery. Display the wreath indoors; the flowers won't hold up in cold weather.

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Simple Potted Poinsettias

Mantel with poinsettias and mirror
Kate Sears

Choose any striking bloom, insert it into a water-filled cup or vase, then use it to accent vignettes around the house. Be sure to check and refill the containers regularly to keep the bloom looking fresh.

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Group Poinsettias for Impact

Variety of poinsettias

Use silver julep cups, small trophies, or any other containers you may have around the house for planting your poinsettias. Don't have any silver? Take a can of chrome spray paint and turn inexpensive containers into look-alikes.

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