Vintage-White Christmas Decorating

Simple holiday decorating touches bring Christmas to the quiet vintage style of this antique-white home.

Oh, Christmas Tree

The rich green of this Christmas tree stands out in a sea of creamy white. The room's center of attention, the tree is decorated with heirloom glass ornaments and white candles.

Simple Living Room Decor

Adding festive touches is easy when you start with a soothing neutral color palette. Simply hang some cedar swags and add small details, such as a bowl of glittered papier-mache snowballs.

Vintage White Dining Table

Even the Christmas Day dining table keeps with the theme of creamy vintage white. Dressed up with simple holiday accents, the table has no tablecloth, no fussy crystal, and no lavish flower arrangements. The beauty of relying on basic elements speaks for itself.

Elegant Table Setting

Ready to showcase the Christmas feast, these stacks of mismatched white plates will make food colorful and appetizing. Elegantly embellished English crackers continue the tone-on-tone color scheme. Christmas tree candle clips attached to each plate add a warming holiday touch.

Christmas Card Holder

A basket of photos and handwritten letters is marked with a tag that reads Winter. This wire basket is also handy for collecting incoming Christmas cards and letters.

Wooden Chair with Off-White Gift Packages

Packaging is a gift in itself. Vintage newspapers and scripted prints create wrap truly worth saving, along with stick-to-the-theme embellishments of cream-colored ribbons, tinsel, and crepe paper.

A Touch of Holiday Cheer

A bit of greenery added to a cornucopia turns an everyday display into a wintry celebration.

Angelic Accent

Sent from above, this mannequin is dressed for the holidays in gold wings and a matching hoop skirt. It's set on a vintage white stool to carry out the theme.

A Winter Gift

A winter gift tag is hung with children's clothing and pair of white mittens for a simple holiday touch.

Dressed For the Season

Reminiscent of a more innocent era, this vintage clothing will have everyone dreaming of a white Christmas.

Victorian Cornucopia

This doll is right at home in a Victorian cornucopia made from copies of vintage script. It's embellished with a metal flower and crepe paper and then hung from a cream ribbon. Cut out a triangle shape at the ends of the ribbon for an elegant touch.

A Touch of Age

Tarnished metal containers pop against chipped white wooden furniture legs used as pedestals.

Saving Memories Past

To evoke memories of childhood at Christmastime, put together tiny objects and textures, such as glass bells and balls, photographs, letters, and even baby shoes.

Small Simple Spirit

Christmas dolls, such as these vintage Santa elves, bring holiday spirit to small corners.

Angelic Embellishment

This old postcard was wired to a plate and embellished with a touch of greenery for a vintage holiday look.

Old Fashioned Treasure

This transferware dish becomes a treasure trove when filled with intriguing souvenirs, including antique buttons, coin purses, and tinsel.

Winter Scene

Made from Civil War-Era photographs of young girls, paper wings, and silver stars, this mundane display case transforms into a holiday window scene.

Antique Accent

Decorated rooms can be quite festive without using commercial ornamentation. Instead, use antique displays that suggest celebration. For example, sepia-toned photographs awaken the holiday spirit when strung across an empty antique frame beneath an angelic doll.

Seasons Greetings

Holiday postcards are an easy way to decorate. Here, they are simply arranged on a desktop with some greenery and mittens.

Editor's Tip: Tuck a group of postcards in a holiday frame or mirror.

One-of-a-Kind Package

Cornucopias made from various papers and vintage trims act as double-duty decorations for walls and as one-of-a-kind packages.

Framed in Time

These framed keepsakes form a strong contrast against the clean white walls.

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