Table Runner

White-on-white print fabric has the look and feel of Oriental rice paper. Complete it with stamped Christmas trees and red binding.

What You Need:

Add a taste of the orient to your table tops.
  • 1 yard of 45-inch-wide white-on-white print cotton fabric
  • #A1610 Chinese Newspaper Word Print, rubber stamp from Hero Arts
  • #LL565 Elements rubber stamp set from Hero Arts
  • Small star rubber stamp from Hot Potatoes
  • Fabrico ink pads in Real Black #82, Poppy red #14, and Maize #31
  • Template plastic
  • Permanent marking pen
  • Crafts knife and cutting mat
  • Self-stick note paper
  • 3-1/4 yards of purchased extra-wide double-fold bias tape
  • Sewing thread in red and white
  • Gold sewing thread


1. Download the free pattern for this project (Downloading requires Adobe Acrobat software).

Tree pattern

Adobe Acrobat

2. Center and trace the tree pattern onto template plastic using a permanent marking pen. Place the template plastic on a cutting mat and use the crafts knife to cut out, and remove the tree for the stencil.

3. Cut two pieces of white-on-white fabric that measure 15 x 36-inches; set one piece aside for the back of the runner.

4. Position the stencil with the point of the tree 3 inches down from the top of one 15-inch side, and centered 3 inches over from the long side. Apply Real Black ink to the rubber side of the Chinese Newspaper stamp; firmly press the stamp with the inked side facing down onto the fabric. Carefully lift the stamp off the fabric and stencil. Move the stencil down the same side of the fabric, positioning the top of the tree about 5 inches below the base of the first tree. Reink the stamp and make another tree in the same manner. Continue to stamp two more trees along the same side of the fabric, positioning them as before.

5. Move the stencil over to the center of the fabric strip, positioning the top of the tree about 7 inches down from the top of the 15-inch side of the fabric. Stamp three trees evenly spaced down the center of the runner. Stamp four trees down the remaining long side of the runner, positioning the trees as in Step 3 above. If desired, tear off a tiny piece of paper from the self-stick side of the note paper; cover the word on the element stamp. Apply Poppy Red ink to the rubber side of one of the element stamps. Remove the self-stick paper. Firmly stamp the design half way between two trees on one side of the runner. Mask the work on the stamp, reink, and remove the paper. Continue to stamp the design as before, positioning the red designs above and below the trees on the table runner. Ink the rubber side of the small star stamp. Firmly press the stamp above the point of a tree. Continue to reink and stamp stars above each tree.

6. To make the runner washable, set the ink by pressing the top of the runner with an iron set at the cotton setting. Place the runner top and bottom together with wrong sides facing. Using white thread base the two layers together 1/2-inch from the outside edges.

7. With right sides facing, pin the binding around the perimeter of the runner back. Using red thread sew the binding in place mitering the binding at the corners. Fold the binding over the edges to the front, and press. If you have fancy stitches on your machine, thread the bobbin with red thread, and use gold thread in the needle. With your machine set for a fancy stitch (such as a feather stitch) sew around the perimeter of the runner.


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