Sparkling Silver Holiday Decor

Make your home sparkle this Christmas with these silver decorative accents.

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    Metallic Ornament Wreath

    Add the perfect neutral touch to a living room mirror with a sparkling metallic ornament wreath. Hang with a wide silver ribbon, tied into a smart bow at the top of the mirror, to complete the decoration.

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    Glimmering Wrapped Ornaments

    Not all presents have to be given away. This brightly packaged gift makes the perfect decoration for a side table. Fill a clear plastic gift box with silver, blue, and green ornaments. Wrap the present with a light blue bow. Place the box on a silver platter and scatter small ornaments around the base of the present.

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    Napkin Rings with Bling

    Create a star-studded place setting by rolling napkins and slipping them through vintage rhinestone bracelets. Or, make your own napkin rings with wired rhinestones twisted into circles.

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    Pretty Poinsettia Pot

    This table topper is a modern approach to the classic poinsettia plant. Cut off the head of a poinsettia flower, leaving 1 inch of the stem intact. Stick the flower in a silver ball ornament. Set the ornament on top of a small metal pot. Group flowers together and surround with evergreen for a classy decoration.

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    Shining Candle Centerpiece

    This wreath-candle duo puts a girly spin on a classic centerpiece. Light pink ornaments and green pears and evergreen complement the silver spray-painted candle in the middle. The display makes a pretty pairing with a pink tablecloth.

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    Ornament in Picture Frame

    This simple and stylish picture frame adds a touch of shimmer to a bare wall. Mount a white picture frame without the glass on the wall with a nail. Tie a silver ornament to the nail with a white lacey ribbon so it hangs in the center of the frame. Hang a big bow above the frame to draw attention.

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    Wreaths that Glisten

    Fast and fabulous: Create a glamorous wreath by hot-gluing sparkling buttons to a slender 9-inch wreath form. Top with a silver bow and hang from a mantel or door.

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    Sparkling Votives

    Make candleholders that reflect your sparkling personality. Coat juice glasses with clear crafts glue, then roll the glasses in clear glitter. Attach silver trim around the rim and finish with faux gems.

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    Winning Combination

    Make this winning centerpiece with an old silver trophy. It becomes an elegant vase for a florist's foam ball covered in white carnations and decorated with cascading ivy. You don't have to have a trophy cup -- rummage around the cupboards for any interesting silver container.

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    Metallic Touches for Your Tree

    Wrap your tree with layers of white and silver garland to make it look beautifully preserved in a layer of ice. A tree with sparse branches offers more room for sparkle. Twinkling lights and frosted ornaments give off a soft glow. You also can frost the tips of the branches with spray snow or silver spray paint.

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    Glimmering Candle Arrangement

    This disco-ball bowl will brighten a holiday gathering. Fill a large lipped silver bowl with three clear ornaments. Line the lip of the bowl with small white candles for a fun, shimmering centerpiece.

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    Tiered Ornament Platter

    Raid your kitchen for a tiered serving platter. Fill the bottom tiers with silver ornaments and evergreen sprigs. Top the decoration with three small evergreen trees in silver pots. Dot the platter with cranberries for bursts of color.

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    Poinsettia Platter

    Instantly turn a simple silver platter into a classy holiday decoration by laying poinsettia leaves and flowers on the tray.

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    Starry Sleigh

    This sophisticated sleigh is a flashy addition to any mantel or side table. Fill a decorative sleigh with silver, gold, and glass star ornaments. It's all right if the sleigh overflows -- it will look like the sleigh lost some presents on its flight in.

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    Radiant Mantel

    Dress up a plain fireplace mantel with a wintry mix of silver, blue, and green. Cloak the mantel in wispy greenery. Add groupings of silver and blue ornaments. A few silver finials in varying sizes and some large pinecones complete the look.

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    Shimmering Silver Acorns

    Make acorns sparkle with silver paint and glitter. Paint the top or bottom of each acorn, then sprinkle with silver glitter while the paint is still wet. Plant acorns among decorative soaps for a beautiful addition to a bathroom counter or with pinecones for a natural display.

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    Beachy Candle Display

    Just because there's snow on the ground doesn't mean you have to sacrifice warm, sandy tones. Group different-size, neutral-color candles in an ivory bowl. Surround the candles with silver ornaments and beads. For a beachy look, add shells and a starfish.

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    Flashy Mirror Centerpiece

    Place a long mirror along the center of the table. Top the mirror with evergreen sprigs, pinecones, candles, and small red plastic jewels for an eye-catching centerpiece. Just don't crowd the mirror -- it will reflect whatever you put on it, making it look twice as full.

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    Tinsel Topiary

    Get wire topiary trees ready for the holidays by wrapping them in sparkling garland. Add white rocks or glass bits to the containers as a shimmering substitute for soil. This glamorous foliage turns even the warmest house into a winter wonderland.

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    Gleaming Star Table Topper

    Bring your Christmas decorations from the tree to the table for this unique table topper. Fill a crystal bowl with silver and gold ornaments. Finish with a glittery star to reflect light around any Christmas get-together.

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    Polished Beauty

    For an instant centerpiece, group silver candlesticks of all sizes. For a burst of color among the shimmer, perch a brilliant red pomegranate on a pedestal candlestick.

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    Elegant Embellishment

    Don't fret over finding special linens to dress the Christmas table. Start with classic white napkins and add handmade sparkle by embellishing the corners with silver floss and two basic embroidery stitches -- the straight stitch and backstitch.

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    Elegant Serving Ware

    Make over a wood serving tray with silver spray paint, ribbon, and crystal hardware knobs as feet. Use it at your holiday parties to serve hors d'oeuvres, nuts, and drinks.

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