25+ Simple Christmas Centerpieces

Gorgeous Christmas centerpieces don't need to take a lot of time or expensive materials—these dazzling holiday centerpieces prove it. Get inspired with beautiful yet easy arrangements that will wow your family and guests.

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    Cranberries and Candles

    This stunningly simple Christmas centerpiece is surprisingly simple to put together. Line a rectangular tray with red, green, and cream votive candles. Complete the look with fresh cranberries dusted with sanding sugar along with touches of greenery.

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    Tabletop Christmas Trees

    Tabletop Christmas trees are the perfect last-minute accessory for an empty tabletop. To make your own Christmas table centerpieces like these, use a flat paper cone template to trace and cut out miniature Christmas tree shapes from crafts felt. Fold the felt in half and hand-stitch down the side to make it three-dimensional. Finish by opening the cone shape in the middle and repeat the steps to create a bunch of centerpiece-worthy felt trees. For the fringed trees, trim the edges of colorful cupcake liners and attach to a tree form.

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    Birch Log Centerpiece

    Flickering candlelight is such a nostalgic part of the holiday season. Happily, the ways to incorporate it into your living space are nearly limitless! Make a birch log candleholder using a power drill with a 1-1/2 inch bit. Before drilling, mark the depth of your tea light candles on the bit using tape. Next, holding the log steady, apply firm and constant pressure with the drill as you make the holes. Once you’ve hit the edge of the tape indicating the correct depth, reverse drill, brush off the dust, and insert your candles. 

    Editor's Tip: For worry-free enjoyment, use battery-operated candles.
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    Heather Jennings)

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    Ornament Bouquet Christmas Centerpiece

    Live flowers aren't the only things that can fill a vase! To make an easy Christmas centerpiece ornament bouquet, remove the silver hanging caps from a variety of ball ornaments and cut florists foam to fit the bottom of a vase. Then, using 18-gauge florists wire, stick one end into the ball ornament and the other end down into the florists foam. Continue until your ornament "flowers" are all attached to the foam. Fill in with cut greenery and berry branches.

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    Simple Evergreen Pitcher Centerpiece

    Faux evergreen, eucalyptus stems, and berry branches are all you need to get the look of this classic holiday arrangement. Grab a bunch of each material and slip it into a clean white pitcher to finish. No watering or maintenance required. 

    Editor's Tip: Add several arrangements en masse—some tall, some short—to achieve a collected, organic effect on this year's Christmas tabletop.

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    Three-Step Centerpiece

    The whole table comes to life when you follow these three steps (Hint: What you set in the center of the table is only part of the display). Watch to see how to re-create one of our favorite quick Christmas centerpieces.

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    Easy Winter Cranberry Centerpiece

    Creating a colorful holiday table centerpiece is really as easy as 1, 2, 3! One: Fill a collection of clear glass bowls or vases with Epsom salt. Two: Add a layer of bright red berries. Three: Fill the vessel with fresh or faux greenery. Cluster a collection of vases in the middle of your dining table.

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    Sweater-Wrapped Votives

    Add coziness to basic votives with a small cutting from the sleeve of an old sweater. Cuff the bottom of the sleeve or turn it inside out for a variety of textures. Be sure to wrap the sweater around the glass (not the candle itself), and always monitor a burning candle.

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    Orchid Ornaments Display

    This showstopping Christmas floral arrangement puts the season's flowers on display. Arrange a spray of orchids in the urn and integrate long bare braches among the blooms. Flowers from another spray of orchids hang from glass teardrop ornaments on the branches. Two dozen red roses would be equally eye-catching.

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    Glass Cloche Light Display

    Battery-powered light strands provide ambiance at the table—indoors or out. Top strands of lights with a decorative glass cloche and watch eyes light up during dinner. A single cloche is a great option as a Christmas centerpiece idea for a round table. Tuck some evergreen sprigs around the base for a natural finish.

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    Stacked Bowl Centerpiece

    Look around the house—you likely have everything you need to whip up a pretty centerpiece in a jiffy. Stack white bowls filled with small ornaments, nuts, fir cuttings, or berries for an inspired design. Place on a flat surface to ensure the tower is stable. 

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    Muffin Tin and Flowers Centerpiece

    Forget structure and go for fun this holiday. A vintage muffin tin offers a great pick-up-and-place centerpiece when you fill it with jelly jars of mums and other flowers. Include votives for added scent and color in your Christmas table centerpieces.

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    Set a Pretty Christmas Table

    Prep a gorgeous table (just like the editors do in their own homes) by using these Christmas table setting ideas: an ornamental centerpiece, woven and sparkling placemats, and gold-dipped wine glasses.

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    Evergreen Candles

    Let the winter greenery creep into this clever Christmas candle display. Start with a glass votive, wineglass, or hurricane as the candleholder. Choose a flat pine needle branch like the fragrant arborvitae. Apply spray adhesive to one side of the greenery and press firmly onto the glass. Clip off loose pine ends if needed.

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    Winter White Holiday Centerpiece

    A holiday table is even cozier when layered in winter whites. To make the runner, cut 18-24-inch wide felt by the yard to the needed length. Trace halfway around a drinking glass at the ends of the runner to create scallops; cut out with scissors. Embellish with punched scalloped-edge circles. On smaller sections of felt, punch more scalloped-edge circles, and wrap felt around oversize glass vases. Insert candles for a soft, wintry white glow, and scatter felt snowflake cutouts across the table runner.

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    Amaryllis-and-Pineapple Centerpiece

    Let nature do the legwork in a Christmas floral arrangement that's also a conversation starter. Simply hollow out a pineapple, set it in a tray filled with cranberries, and arrange classic Christmas amaryllis inside the makeshift vase.

    Editor's Tip: To make your amaryllis blooms last, set the bouquet in a vase with water first; set the vase inside the pineapple.

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    Wreath-Inspired Candles

    Ring a merry wreath around holiday-hue candles for a quick Christmas centerpiece. Fill a small watertight vase or planter with wet florists foam. Tuck in pine sprigs and vibrant hypericum berries for color. Secure candle into vase using florists picks.

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    Sweater Tree Centerpiece

    Recycled sweaters start the conversation in this fun DIY centerpiece craft. Group a few of these sweater trees together for a Christmas centerpiece for your table.

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    Luminarias Centerpiece

    Transform plain white paper bags into luminarias for an inventive holiday table centerpiece on the cheap. Use a large scalloped-edge punch to create the detail on the bags, then weave ribbon through the openings and secure with double-stick tape. Use battery-operated tea lights instead of candles for long-lasting, safe illumination.

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    Blooming Tree Holiday Centerpiece

    Put a twist on typical holiday table decor with a tree-inspired Christmas floral arrangement. To create the trunk, wrap a clear glass vase with bark chips. At the base of the trunk, add faux variegated moss and top with nuts, berries, and tiny decorative birds to mimic a forest setting. Bring the "tree" into bloom with a lush floral arrangement of hydrangeas, roses, fresh greenery, and hypericum berries.

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    Tray of Yews Centerpiece

    Foot-high yews with root balls nestled in moss look fresh lined up in a galvanized tray. You can find these mini evergreens at your local nursery. Anchor with white and purple eggplants for an all-natural centerpiece.

    Editor's Tip: To keep plants from drying out, place out of direct sunlight and water twice a week. Limit display time to 2-3 weeks; after three weeks, trees will come out of winter hibernation and start to grow like houseplants.

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    DIY Holiday Vases

    Salvaged boards become rustic holiday vases. Cut two matching wood slates that slide and lock together to hold a vase.  When sizing the notches for the vases, add 1/8 inch to the diameter measurement so you can easily slip the vase into the notch. Simple bittersweet and pine accent the simple vases.

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    Tulips and Pinecones Centerpiece

    Incorporate natural elements, such as fresh flowers, in your holiday centerpiece. Fill varying sizes of cobalt blue— or your favorite festive hue—glassware with wintry white tulips. Arrange the makeshift vases around oversize metallic-sprayed pinecones and silvery ornament balls.

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    Tissue Paper Flowers Centerpiece

    Petals scattered around candles in glass goblets make an elegant centerpiece when displayed on a simple wooden platter. These paper petals bloom beautifully all season long—perfect for holiday soirees! To create a blossom, cut 3-inch circles from eight layers of light color tissue paper. Place in a stack, then poke a hole through the stack with a pin. Pull the paper off the tip of a twist tie and insert the exposed wire through the paper layers. Twist the wire to create the flower center. Help the flower bloom by gently pulling up one layer at a time.

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    White Hyacinth Display

    This centerpiece filled with natural seasonal elements is versatile enough for any holiday occasion. Simply fill a large, low bowl with boxwood, pinecones, and white hyacinth. This simple Christmas centerpiece is a good option for a round table.

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    Citrus-Aided Centerpiece

    Elevate a humble wooden box to Christmas-centerpiece status. Start by lining the box with dry florists foam to anchor evergreen sprigs. Attach citrus fruits (lemons, oranges, limes) to florists picks and tuck into the greenery. Add interest by cutting some of the fruits in half or adding decorative details.

    Editor's Tip: Make orange pomanders by using a large needle to poke holes into oranges. Push the stems of whole cloves into the holes in the oranges.

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    Red Carnation Christmas Centerpiece

    This tabletop take on pomander balls makes an eye-catching and easy Christmas display. Simply soak florists foam balls in water and cover with red carnations. Place the finished balls atop white vases or urns placed in a row along the center of your table. Use a green cloth table runner as an anchor for the vases and a pop of color.

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    Sparkling White Display

    Capture the look of a snowy Christmas with an all-white centerpiece and table decor. The secret to this beautiful monochromatic Christmas table setting idea is using a variety of materials. Here, the table boasts everything from elegant white orchids to dishes and flatware in shades of ivory.

    Editor's Tip: Texture often assumes greater importance in a monochromatic setting. The ribbed vases, pressed-glass stemware, and embroidered tablecloth all add interest to the scene.

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    Simple Ornament Platter

    Real or artificial magnolia leaves (we gave ours a quick spritz of gold paint) are set on a flat platter to form the foundation for an arrangement of holiday ornaments and tiny berry sprigs. Go for a non-traditional ornament color to make a bigger statement. A monochromatic version would give a more modern look to the Christmas table decor.

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    Tiered Centerpiece

    A pair of stacked cake plates dressed with evergreens, glass balls, pinecones, and red berries makes a sophisticated and simple Christmas centerpiece. A snow-covered display (just sprinkle plastic snow over the top and around the base of the cake plates) gives the Christmas table a magical vibe.

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