Pretty-in-Pink Christmas Decorations

Think pink when planning Christmas decorations that are fresh, pretty, and easy to pull together.

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    Pretty Porch

    If the color pink is already a favorite at your house, it's easy to add holiday touches to match. The pink painted trim on this front porch makes the perfect backdrop for pink packages, a pink door wreath, and pink glass jar luminaries. Additions of white paper snowflakes and garland keep the frilly color scheme from going overboard.

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    A Pink Glow

    Give simple paper lanterns holiday flair by embellishing them with tinsel garland. We chose pink lanterns, of course, to dangle in the corner of this pink porch.

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    Holiday Light

    A row of votive candles protected in simple pink-hue glass jars and hurricanes adds a sparkling touch. Add them to the center of a table, across a mantel, or lined up on a porch rail.

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    When decorating for the holidays, choose decorations that fit into your existing decor. The vintage flavor of this room already features pink and white, so pink holiday touches -- ribbon woven into a wreath and patchwork stockings -- are a natural choice.

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    In-the-Pink Mantel

    Garlands of pink tinsel and beads drape the mantel in delicate holiday splendor. Add accents of bottle-brush Christmas trees, plus anything else you can find -- as long as it's pink.

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    Set to Party

    Romantic roses have a complement in the rosy pink glassware and sparkly tinsel used to decorate this dining room for a feminine, grown-up tea party.

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    Pink Table Setting

    For holiday dinners, bring out your best. Or, set your table with mismatched fine china and silver, gold-rimmed glasses, and rosy Depression-glass stemware. Collect it year-round at tag sales and flea markets, where you're apt to find some bargains.

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    Star Light, Star Bright

    Make sturdy paper stars to serve as package toppers, festive trimmings for cabinet doors, or place cards for a holiday dinner.

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    Star of the Show

    Paper stars will make your present the star of the gift exchange. To turn paper-covered stars into gift toppers takes only two simple steps:

    -- Punch holes in the points at the bottom.

    -- Thread tinsel through the holes and tie it around the package, leaving the star standing on top.

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    Loving Letters

    A single decorative letter becomes a delightful holiday place card or gift tag. Here's how:

    -- Use spray adhesive to adhere wrapping paper to one side of stiff watercolor paper, and fold the paper in half.

    -- Trace and cut out letters so the top edge of each letter aligns with the fold.

    -- Brush glue on the edges and dust with glitter.

    -- Stand upright on your party table, or attach to a package with double-sided tape.

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    Merry Messages

    Letters covered in holiday paper make excellent gift tags, place cards, or happy holiday banners. Here's how:

    -- Use spray adhesive to adhere wrapping paper to one side of stiff watercolor paper, and fold the paper in half.

    -- Trace and cut out letters so the top edge of each letter aligns with the fold.

    -- Brush glue on the edges, and dust with glitter.

    -- Fold the letter, or letters, onto a length of beaded garland or gauzy ribbon, and secure the bottom edges with dots of glue.

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    Wish Upon a Snowflake

    Combine paper snowflakes with stars to make superstars. Here's how:

    -- Cut small snowflakes from folded paper, using the same technique you learned in grade school.

    -- Add shimmer with spray glitter and attach a tinsel ornament to the center.

    -- Hot-glue the snowflakes to purchased silver stars.

    -- Use one as a tree topper or group them as ornaments to hang on the tree or from a chandelier.

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    Easy, Elegant Gift-wrap

    Tulle fabric, familiar on prom gowns, can dress up your gifts as well! Cut a large circle of tulle, gather up the edges, and wrap it around any size box. Tie the tulle in place with ribbon or tinsel trimmed with small ornaments.

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    Pristine Seashell Wreath

    Make a wreath adorned with dainty seashells and hang it from a length of sheer ribbon. Vintage china, floral paintings, Christmas ornaments, and family photos can be hung the same way to add charm to any room.

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    Sweet Treat Bar

    This dessert bar includes sweets displayed in apothecary jars, rose-pattern teacups, pink-rimmed dessert plates, lacy napkins, and ribbon-wrapped spoons.

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    Pretty Pink Present

    Wired ribbon is easy to tie into beautiful bows, even for those who aren't handy. Place a tiny gift, adorned with such a bow, at each place for a surprise that will leave guests tickled pink.

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    Fuzzy Pink Wreath

    Thread thin wire down the center of strips of pale-pink netting to make a vintage-look wreath. This one is trimmed with silvery balls for a 1950s look.

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    Crystal and Pink

    Sparkling ornaments dangle from a crystal chandelier like exotic little gems. Hang them from the branches of any light fixture with wire hooks, or make hanging loops from narrow ribbon.

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