Three easy-to-make paper trees come together to create a magical DIY Christmas centerpiece. Add your favorite holiday figurines and faux snow for the ultimate snowy tablescape.


Create this easy and festive winter-theme centerpiece in an afternoon using basic crafts store supplies and your favorite Christmas figuriens. This Christmas table centerpiece is made from three types of DIY paper trees. Incorporating a variety of heights and materials adds visual interest to the DIY winter decoration, while fairy lights add a sparkling finish. The forest scene can be easily stored and reassembled for use year after year.

Paper Christmas Tree Centerpiece

How to Make a Paper Tree Christmas Centerpiece

Supplies Needed

  • White lazy Susan or shallow tray
  • 10-15 sheets colored printer paper
  • 8-inch green round honeycomb ball
  • Papier-mâché cones, two assorted sizes 
  • Cardboard
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Tiny gold tinsel, assorted varieties 
  • Small decorative trees and holiday figurines
  • Epsom salts 
  • Hot-glue gun and glue sticks
  • Craft glue 
  • Gold and iridescent glitter 
  • Spray adhesive 
  • Fairy lights

Accordion Paper Tree

tracing out green paper tree

Step 1: Fold and Cut Paper

Cut out the shape of half a tree from a thin piece of cardboard. Round the edges. Fold green printer paper in an accordion style to fit the size of your tree template. Trace around the template on the folded paper. Cut out. Repeat with 25 pieces of green paper, and glue together along the folds.

adding hot glue to paper tree

Step 2: Open and Glue

Once dry, open and hot glue the ends together. Hold together until the glue sets. This will create a round three-dimensional paper tree for your elegant Christmas centerpiece.

spraying tree with adhesive

Step 3: Add Glitter

Once all the glue is dry, spray adhesive lightly around the tree and sprinkle with glitter. Make sure to keep the glitter confined to your workspace for this—it can get everywhere and is tough to clean!

Honeycomb Paper Tree

Cut out the shape of half a tree from a thin piece of cardboard

Step 1: Cut Tree Shape

Cut a tree shape out of a store-bought honeycomb ball. Cut while the ball is closed, as shown in the video. Use different sizes of honeycomb paper balls to create a collection of trees with varying heights.

hot glueing accordion paper tree

Step 2: Glue in Place

Join sides together with hot glue, being careful to keep glue from dripping to the outside. This will create a three-dimensional honeycomb tree shape. Hold in place until glue sets on the Christmas decor.

sprinkling glitter to paper tree

Step 3: Add Glitter

To finish the DIY Christmas decoration, spray the outside of the tree with adhesive. Sprinkle with glitter. Like before, be careful to keep the glitter contained to your workspace for easy cleanup.

Tinsel Christmas Trees

wrapping gold tinsel to paper cone

Step 1: Wrap Cone

Attach tinsel to a papier-mâché cone with hot glue. Start gluing from the bottom and wrap around, moving upward, until the cone is covered. Repeat with a different size cone and tinsel.

Editor's Tip: If desired, spray papier-mâché cones with spray paint to match your tinsel and let dry. This will eliminate color gaps between rows of tinsel.

Building the Christmas Centerpiece

placing trees in centerpiece tray

Step 1: Place Large Trees

Place the large paper trees in the center of a lazy Susan or tray. Fill in the bottom of the display with a thin layer of Epsom salts to hold the large trees in place. Epsom salts provide the sparkling look of real snow when paired with string lights, but you could also use faux snow from a crafts store.

pouring salt into the Christmas paper tree centerpiece tray

Step 2: Add Lights

No Christmas decor is complete without twinkling lights! Take a strand of small, battery-powered string lights and place them around the edges of the tray. Bury them under a layer of Epsom salts to hide wires.

Christmas Centerpiece with Paper Trees

Step 3: Add Small Characters

Continue filling the tray with Epsom salt until the lights are covered and the layer is close to the top of the tray. Fill in open areas with small bottlebrush trees and woodland figurines. Turn on the lights, and enjoy your DIY winter centerpiece!


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