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Christmas Terrarium
Smaller spaces call for creativity -- especially when it comes to space-consuming Christmas trees. Lucky for you, we've rounded up our favorite ideas for apartment decorating during the holidays.

String Play

Grab the kids, plus a sheet of corkboard, fabric, gold nails, and colorful string, and you're all ready to make the perfect perch for holiday cards.

Wrapped Up

These adorable mini trees are so easy to make! Using a straight pin, secure yarn at the bottom of a foam cone. Wrap the yarn around the cone, covering the foam, changing colors if you'd like (secure each new piece of yarn with a straight pin). Decorate using pearl-head pins through buttons, topping with a yarn pom-pom.

Cut Corners

Insert clear push pins on the wall in the shape of a triangle. Add more pins inside the triangle, then wrap embroidery thread around the pins to make a mosaic of small, geometric shapes. Top with a yarn star! Try it in a corner of a room for an extra-chic look.

Creative Countdown

Use paper gift tags to construct a countdown to Christmas. Add some holiday knick-knacks for extra presentation points.

In The Cards

No room for a real tree? No problem. Show off your holiday cards, and make up for missing greenery by arranging the greeting cards in the shape of a Christmas tree.

Hand Lettered

Paint the front of papier-mache or wooden letters with white acrylic crafts paint. When dry, paint the sides and interiors of the letters with the color of your choice, adding a second coat if needed. When fully dry, brush decoupage medium in matte finish on the front of each letter and sprinkle with coarse clear glitter.

Outdoor Energy

Bring the outdoors inside with this festive display. All you need is a tiered dessert stand, some greenery, fake flowers, and candles.

Framed Sound

Using decorative ribbon, string jingle bells of different sizes and colors from the top of a rustic looking frame. The subtlety of this holiday look means you can display the piece year-round if you’d like.

Dainty Design

Display paper lace doilies in the shape of a tree (or scatter them like snowflakes) using glue dots or quick-release tape. Want more color on your wall? Dye the doilies with food coloring, then let dry before hanging.

Stocking Switch Up

Missing a mantel? Hang stockings in the entryway for a Christmas-y welcome.

Small But Mighty

Shrink the tree, but don't skimp on decorations! String lights, old-timey photos, black-and-white tags, and ribbon complete the look.

Sweet Look

Cut four lengths of twine, each slightly larger than the next. Tie on different colored candy canes, spacing them about 2 inches apart. Tack the ends of the twine to the wall in a cone shape.

White Christmas

Emulate the wonderland outdoors with a mini terrarium. Create a winter scene in an apothecary jar using small branches, fake snow, and a mini cottage figurine.

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