Orange Topiary

A colonial-era classic, the fruit topiary is given a fresh twist with blood oranges and a metal French flowerpot.

What You'll Need

Combining the flavors of autumn and Christmas, this topiary will decorate in between seasons.
  • Block of floral foam
  • Pot
  • Three 1/4-inch wood dowels
  • Plastic-foam cone, such as Styrofoam
  • Sheet moss
  • Sharp knife
  • Blood oranges or navel oranges
  • 18-gauge copper wire
  • Ribbon
Step 2.

1. Place a block of floral foam in the pot. Insert three 1/4-inch wooden dowels in the bottom of a plastic-foam cone. Place the cone on the pot, inserting the dowels into the floral foam.

2. Cover the cone with damp sheet moss. Slice blood oranges in half (if unavailable, use navel oranges). Starting at the bottom of the cone, secure each orange half to the plastic foam with V-hooks made from 18-gauge copper wire as shown, below.

3. Fill in exposed areas with moss. Tie a glimmering ribbon into a bow to trim the topiary, allowing the ends to cascade.


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