Obi Wall Hanging

Stitch sections of elegant fabric together, then fold the fabric over a piece of driftwood for a decoration you'll want to leave up all year.

What You Need:

These hangings bring culture and beauty to your rooms.
  • 2 yards each of 44/45-inch-wide black/gold Asian print for front and gold/multi Asian geometric fabric for backing
  • Matching sewing threads
  • 28-inch length of 1-1/2-inch diameter driftwood
  • Acrylic paint: dark green and bronze
  • Paintbrush
  • Acrylic varnish
  • Safety pins
  • 2 50-inch-long tiebacks with 6-inch tassels
  • Crafts glue


Note: Sew all pieces with right sides together using 1/2-inch seam allowances, unless otherwise noted.

1. From the Asian print fabric, cut four 17 x 45-inch rectangles, cutting across the width of the fabric. Sew the four rectangles together along the selvage edges, making one long strip for the front. Press the seam allowances open.

From the Asian geometric fabric, cut four 18 x 45-inch rectangles, cutting across the width of the fabric. For the backing, sew the four rectangles together along the selvage edges, leaving an opening between the second and third rectangles for turning. Press the seam allowances open.

2. Sew the print front to the geometric backing along the long edges. Press the seam allowances toward the print fabric. Center the front on the backing at the short edges with an even amount of geometric fabric at each long edge. Sew along the short edges; trim the corners. Turn the obi right side out through the opening; press so there is an even amount of backing showing on each long edge of the front. Slip-stitch the opening closed.

3. Paint the driftwood with one coat of dark green paint; let the paint dry. Paint one coat of bronze over the dark green. When the paint is completely dry, apply one coat of acrylic varnish. Let the varnish dry.

4. With the backing on the inside, fold the obi so that one short edge is 1 inch above the other short edge, revealing the backing. Fold the obi so that the short edges are in front of and 4 inches above the bottom fold, still revealing the 1-inch-wide section of backing. Bring down the top fold so that it is in front of and 2 inches above the short edges. Slip the driftwood through the top folds; use safety pins to invisibly secure the layers in place close to the driftwood.

5. Wrap a tieback around the driftwood next to the obi; glue in place. Repeat with the second tiebck.


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