44 Ideas for Pretty and Festive Christmas Mantel Decor

wreath above mantel with twine-wrapped cones and flocked greenery
Photo: Jay Wilde

Let beautiful Christmas mantel decor turn your fireplace into an eye-catching focal point for the holidays. We have Christmas mantel decorating ideas for every style and budget.

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Christmas Village Mantel

diy christmas decor with cardboard village
Jay Wilde

Make your own farmhouse Christmas village using inexpensive paper chipboard! Display your finished village with cut pine branches, pinecones, and a classic evergreen wreath. Add holiday glow with mini twinkle lights.

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Gingerbread House Mantel

gingerbread forest cookie woodland scene on tabletop
Jacob Fox

A light dusting of sugar "snow" coats a mantel adorned with homemade gingerbread houses, animals, and cut out sugar cookie trees. Attach a small cookie scrap with icing to the back of each cutout to create a "kickstand" to prop it up.

Editor's Tip: Complete the Christmas mantel decor with a faux greenery garland and mini twinkle lights.

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Red and Green Mantel

wreath above mantel with twine-wrapped cones and flocked greenery
Jay Wilde

Nothing looks more festive than a holiday mantel decorated in crimson red and crisp white. Add the deep green of a flocked pine wreath and garland for a traditional farmhouse-style palette. Finish the look with mini tree decorations and tiny white ceramic houses.

Editor's Tip: Make your own twine-wrapped trees. Simply wrap papier-mache cones with red and white baker's twine.

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Vintage Christmas Mantel

garland-covered mantel with knit Christmas stockings and trees
Jay Wilde

Dress your Christmas mantel with a garland and cozy knit accessories. On top, create a still life of vintage wares: a mirror, salvaged window, and an old frame with an interesting shape. Then, add mini bottle-brush trees and ball ornaments in shades of green and gold.

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Farmhouse Christmas Mantel

red gold holiday tree decorated fireplace
Adam Albright

Draw attention to your mantel display with a big sign. To complete the look, a collection of small houses peek out above a lush Christmas mantel garland with eucalyptus, pinecones, and small berries.

Editor's Tip: Use wooden tags decorated with each person's name to label similar stockings.

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Perfect Palette

farmhouse living room decorated for Christmas with large black artwork
Kritsada Panichgul

A festive display of trees, stockings, and garlands doesn't have to be overwhelming—just stick to a simple color palette. This gorgeous Christmas fireplace decor incorporates beige, green, and gold for a big impact style with only a few colors.

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Metallic Christmas Mantel

christmas mantel gold decor lanterns gifts
David A. Land

This fireplace mantel Christmas decor goes for the gold. On top of the mantel, small flowerpots are painted gold and filled with holiday blooms for a fun and easy project. Below, a spectacular display of wrapped presents and gold lanterns ($15, Walmart) draws the eye in.

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Sweater Weather

sweater-wrapped christmas tree decor mantel garland
Marty Baldwin

Holiday spirit doesn't get much simpler than this cheery display. All you need are a few old sweaters in holiday hues of red and green. The minimal design adds Christmas mantel decor without a lot of fuss.

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Light the Night

christmas mantel fireplace stockings
Marty Baldwin

Candles aren't just for your Christmas centerpiece. White taper candles are an easy way to make a big statement without a lot of expense. This Christmas mantel decor is complete with simple cut greenery, hung stockings, and a roaring fire.

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Oh What Fun

living room fireplace christmas decor
Adam Albright

Modern Christmas fireplace decor ideas aren't limited to red and green. Depending on the rest of your room's decor, try experimenting with pinks, oranges, and blues. Metallic accents—such as the gold candlesticks on this bright mantel—add a touch of holiday glitz.

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Cozy Cabin Decor

cabin christmas living room with tree and stockings
David A. Land

Make Christmas mantel decorating stress-free with low-fuss accents found around the house. Here, a black, white, and green palette complement Scandinavian-inspired holiday touches, including wood candlestick holders, small white trees, and evergreen sprigs. Black-and-white family photographs add a nostalgic element to the display.

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Bold Red

frosted Christmas tree with white and red accents next to brick fireplace
Adam Albright

Bright red looks beautiful with cream, white, and evergreen—and this festive mantel is proof. Cream bottle brush trees and white candles are intertwined with a living garland, while simple Christmas stockings draw the eye in.

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Classic Red & Green

christmas mantel red green village wreath
Jay Wilde

For a classic Christmas, stick to hues of rich, holly red and deep, emerald green. This simple yet stunning mantel incorporates plenty of beloved holiday features, including candles and a classic evergreen wreath. A garland of rich red ornaments adds a touch of modernity to the display.

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The Right Formula

white fur stockings above white fireplace
Jay Wilde

Outfit your mantel with a variety of objects that feature a common denominator. Here, lots of ornaments steal the show. They're embedded in a simple garland and adorn tiny trees on either end of the mantel.

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Colorful Christmas

colorful mantel garland trees
Marty Baldwin

Who says you have to decorate in red and green for Christmas? A garland of pom-poms and an assortment of bright trees create whimsical and fun Christmas mantel decor.

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Poinsettia Mantel

poinsettia gold mirror cards white mantel
Kate Sears

Poinsettia bracts in shades of red and pink stand proudly in mismatched glasses standing in as vases. The different shades of pink soften the look of the crisp white mantel and surround.

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Woodland Christmas Mantel

christmas cabin stone woodland mantel
King Au

Have a wide assortment of pieces to display? Arrange them in a symmetrical pattern for an organized—not cluttered—look. A hurricane and bottle-brush tree ensemble and two stockings dress each side. The symmetry extends to the surrounding built-ins, outfitted with more Christmas collectibles and matching wreaths.

Editor's Tip: The objects used to decorate the Christmas mantel are carefully chosen for size, so they don't interfere with the television screen.

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Dressed Up in Lights

Christmas decor with lights above mantel
Christina Schmidhofer

This garland and wreath are gorgeous on their own, but soft white lights take the display to the next level. The back-lit wreath pops over the Christmas mantel decor. Several strands of twinkle lights are accented while flickering white taper candles ($7, Target) complete the look.

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Vintage-Look Display

neutral christmas mantel window panes
Tria Giovan

Outfit your fireplace with repurposed Christmas mantel decorations. Vintage window panes are an unexpected addition to a classic wreath, pom-pom garland, and simple knit stockings.

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Simple Christmas Mantel

traditional christmas mantel wreath mirror chair ottoman
Gordon Beall

Dress your mantel in a flash with a statement-making wreath. Although unadorned, this handsome green wreath is eye-catching because its size is perfectly scaled to the beautiful fireplace.

Editor's Tip: Hang the wreath over a mirror for a reflective element. Mercury glass candle holders and votives finish this modern Christmas mantel idea.

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Fruit Christmas Mantel

living room with fireplace and red decorated christmas tree
Tria Giovan

Add a pop of red to your mantel with ball ornaments and faux apples artfully wired into a lush greenery garland. Fill in the open spaces with springs of greenery, simple Christmas stockings, and classic white taper candles.

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Vintage Stockings

vintage embroidered personalized stockings mantel detail
Kip Dawkins

When it comes to fireplace Christmas decorations, take the opportunity to show off your favorite collectibles. This grouping of treasured stockings looks as good now as it did 20 years ago. Whole fruits intertwined with the green boughs add a pop of brightness to this country Christmas mantel decorating idea.

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Pretty Peppermint Mantel

christmas trees tan leather chairs farmhouse fireplace
Adam Albright

You don't need a garland to create a festive mantel. This farmhouse Christmas mantel starts with simple bottle brush trees and star figurines. Plaid stockings and a wreath over the fireplace complete the look.

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Forest Mantel

white fireplace mantel with Christmas swag, monogram stockings and turquoise candelabra
Kim Cornelison

It can be hard to find a spot for tiny trinkets but consider your mantel for the job. These adorable woodland figurines find a home among pinecones, evergreen boughs, and bright red blooms for a charming farmhouse Christmas mantel.

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Pinecone Christmas Mantel

oil painting pine cones garland mantel
Bruce Buck

An oil painting, wall sconces, garland, tree toppers, and floral picks work together to create this mantel display inspired by a classic winter scene. The bright blue ornaments add a jolt of energy.

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Bright Mantel

traditional fireplace mantel gold color splash dogs bows ornaments
John Granen

When it comes to fireplace mantel ideas, small bits of color go a long way. Here, a handful of bright glass ornaments carefully arranged along the mantel wake up the white surround. Year-round porcelain dog figurines also welcome Christmas by being outfitted with whimsical collars made of wreaths and ribbons.

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Traditional Magnolia Mantel

magnolia wreath mantel silver white twigs
Joe Keller

Lush Christmas mantel swags of leaves, greens, and branches layered along the fireplace add an immediate holiday feel. Silver touches and pure-white candles add more holiday shine.

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Plaid Christmas Mantel

traditional red green plaid christmas mantel
Jason Donnelly

If you're searching for country Christmas mantel decorating ideas, look no further. This rustic scene takes the cake. To get the look, use plaid trees, stockings, and snowflakes. A pair of adorned skis next to the fireplace add a whimsical touch.

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Bottle Brush Trees

Christmas wreath above mantel
Adam Albright

Add some height to your Christmas mantel display with a gorgeous DIY pinecone wreath and an assortment of bottle brush trees. The red accents in the wreath really pop against the green and white tones on the mantel, but the best part about this display is that you can use any colors you like to compliment your existing decor.

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Snowflake Mantel

snowflake garland christmas mantel candles
Jay Wilde

Shiny CDs topped with inexpensive snowflake ornaments string across the front of this mantel for a sparkling display. Use clear industrial-strength glue (available at crafts stores) to attach one or more glittered snowflake ornaments to the CDs. To form the garland, snip bead garland into short pieces. Using a double strand of thread, tie one end of the garland to the tip of a snowflake. Continue until the entire strand is formed. If the CDs tip forward when hung, tape coins (as weights) to the back along the lower edge until they stay upright.

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Silver Christmas Mantel

red green mantel pewter pitchers vases
Jeff McNamara

Grace the mantel with classic collectibles, such as pewter pitchers and vases. Surrounded by evergreen boughs and filled with red and green blooms, everyday items become festive fireplace mantel decor.

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Garland Mantel

fireplace garland apples pine cones detail
Joe Keller

Decorating the mantel doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive. Thicken store-bought garlands by adding fresh greens from the yard, or plump a fresh garland or wreath with faux greens. Then, dress up the garland as much as you'd like with effortless accents, such as apples, pinecones, wooden blocks, ornaments, or ribbon to give it a still-life look.

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Colorful Stockings

old-style christmas stockings cottage mantel
Kim Cornelison

Old-style stockings bring color to a neutral wood mantel. To customize, simply attach a no-fuss office supply tag to each stocking. Then, all that's left is to stuff them full of treats!

Editor's Tip: Try making a homemade stocking to match your holiday decor.

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Simple Mantel

Fireplace with stockings and Christmas tree
Adam Albright

Carry the decor from your tree to your mantel for a charming farmhouse Christmas display. Here, flocked greenery is accented by neutral stockings, simple candles, and a festive holiday wreath.

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Elegant Holiday Mantel

pinecones pearl ornaments elegant mantel
Eric Roth

Look to a poinsettia-studded piece for a unique twist on fireplace Christmas garland. Pinecones and mother-of-pearl ornaments add texture and shine.

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Oversize Art

peace on earth embroidery window pane mantel
Jay Wilde

A large frame is a simple but stunning backdrop for an enormous cross stitch. Decorative candles line each side of the frame, and stockings made from the same materials continue the theme.

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Wrapped Gifts Mantel

red gifts poinsettia wreath mantel decor
Adam Albright

Fireplace Christmas decorating ideas don't get more wow-worthy than this rosy red display. Bold wrapped boxes top the mantel, while a stunning poinsettia garland wraps around the edge.

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Gold and White Mantel

gold white traditional christmas mantel
Alise O'Brien

An antique gilt frame showcases a classic wreath adorned with cream and white ribbon. Tall white flower arrangements add vertical interest.

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Neutral Christmas Mantel

neutral christmas mantel salvaged wood deer
Alise O'Brien

Reclaimed wood makes a statement on this homey mantel. This mantelscape, topped with silver reindeer and sprigs of fresh green, is simple yet stylish.

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Penguin Parade Mantel

penguin parade whimsical mantel decor
Greg Scheidemann

Transform your living room into a polar oasis with a black, white, and gold scheme brimming with upscale wintry accents. A flock of stoic penguins huddled in front of the hearth adds whimsy to the otherwise elegant mantel.

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Red and Gold Mantel

Holiday decorations under glass on a mantel
Jay Wilde

Create a pretty Christmas mantel using ball ornaments, bottle-brush trees, and small wrapped gifts. Finish the display with small candles in mercury glass votives.

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Christmas Candle Mantel

mantel salvaged candle holders reindeer
Jay Wilde

All is bright with this Christmas fireplace decor. Salvaged candle holders light the way to a vintage-inspired mantel. Reindeer and Christmas tree figurines embedded among the candles add extra holiday cheer.

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Cozy Sweater Mantel

sweater-wrapped trees star christmas mantel
Alexandra Grablewski

A fun fabric (like a festive Christmas sweater craft) is the key to this simple mantel decor. A large star and tiny trees are covered in a neutral fair isle print. Pops of red and green keep the display from being boring.

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Family Photo Mantel

glass photo bottles greenery sprigs mantel
Kim Cornelison

Make space for those you love with this lovely idea. Glass bottles are stuffed with greenery and family photos, then effortlessly arranged on the mantel.

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