Candy Stripers: How to Make a Candy Cane Bowl

Red and white is always right -- especially when you create something beautiful from candy canes for the holidays.

This entire table plays off a candy-cane theme with smatterings of other red-and-white geometric prints and sweet treats used everywhere.

Altering the scale keeps the table lively but not too busy or visually confusing. The large plaid of the tablecloth complements the stripes of the candy. Solid napkins, stemware, and charger plates break up all the patterns and provide places for the eye to rest.

What You Need:

These candy canes will bring cheer to your holiday table.
  • 2 12-inch-diameter plastic cake domes
  • Scissors
  • White tissue paper
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • 50 one-ounce candy canes
  • Wide satin ribbon
  • Blocks of florist's foam
  • Assorted carnations, roses, and holly
  • Clear-glass votives


Step 2

1. To make the candy-cane bowl and floral centerpiece, start with two 12-inch-diameter plastic cake domes from the bakery. Trim the domes down so the candy canes can hook over the edge and still touch the table. Nest the domes with white tissue paper sandwiched in between. (The tissue paper minimizes any gaps in the candy canes and hides the florist's foam for the flower arrangement.)

2. Hot glue about 50 one-ounce candy canes around the domes, facing some in and some out.

3. Tie a wide satin ribbon around the decorated container.

4. Soak blocks of florist's foam in water until they are completely saturated. Place the blocks in the container, trimming them as necessary to fit without distorting the shape of the container.

Step 6

5. Starting at the center, insert stems of carnations, roses, and holly, keeping the flower heads at the same level to create a tightly packed mound.

6. Create matching candleholders by decorating clear-glass votives with a small candy cane, a sprig of holly, and ribbon to tie it all together. Place one votive at each guest's spot to add a bit of twinkle to the table.


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