Decorate Your Staircase for Christmas

Swags of greens, pretty bows, and a few unique embellishments are all you need to dress up your staircase and brighten your entryway for Christmas.

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    Merry & Bright

    Give the traditional staircase evergreen swag a burst of fresh color and style by adding a bright green layer of bells of Ireland and complete the cheerful package with big red bows.

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    Hung with Care

    To dress your staircase for the holiday season, embellish a handmade garland of evergreen roping with additional greens and sprigs of pepperberries, then hang a couple of stockings with care.

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    Hospitality Pineapple

    Red ribbon encircles this garland, ending in a large bow with long streamers. A pineapple adornment, a traditional hospitality symbol, sits on top of the post.

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    Simply Tied

    Orange ribbon is the single adornment on the bay leaf garland trailing down this staircase.

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    Bundles of Spirit

    Instead of swags of greenery trailing down the banister, try these greenery bunches. Natural birch branches form the backbone, but red twig dogwood or other branches would work just as well. Use thin florist's wire to lash them to the banister posts along with evergreens and sprays of bright red winterberries. Matte and glossy chartreuse ornaments add pops of color. Tie it all together with a chartreuse velvet ribbon.

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    Added Accents

    White twigs dipped in mica, glittery snowflake ornaments, and old-fashioned ice skates add a frosty touch to the traditional greens-and-ribbon garland on this staircase. Don't forget to adorn the steps, too, with a couple of pretty wrapped presents and a pail of ornamented greens.

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    Pine and Ribbon Garland

    Create a country garland by adding a red-and-white checked ribbon to loosely swagged pine roping.

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    Citrus Standout

    Incorporate a vibrant orange or another color accent from your home's usual decor into your seasonal decorations. Tie shiny magnolia leaves to an evergreen garland, and loosely arrange opalescent bows in complementary strands for a casual feel.

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    Wreaths on Display

    Put wreaths on display beyond the front door. Here, they form an exuberant showcase of evergreens and berries on a stairway. Intertwine glass ball ornaments, additional leaves, and berry clusters for increased festivity.

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    Goodbye, Greens

    Pinecones, usually a holiday understudy, mix with ribbon and beads as an unusual stand-in for a traditional garland.

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    Pretty Poinsettias

    Elegance is often found in simplicity. Pull the poinsettias out of their pots to add a splash of blooms along a garland. You can put their stems in tubes of water to make them last longer. Accent the top and bottom of the arrangement with large bows that complement the flowers' color.

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