Use your favorite holiday plant to decorate an evergreen tree for a stunning display. Instead of relying on faux flowers, use real stems and floral vials for a lively poinsettia tree.

By Jenny Krane
December 20, 2018

Do more with poinsettias this holiday season than leaving them in their store-bought container. You can use the flowers from a poinsettia plant as a natural decoration for a small evergreen tree. By using floral vials, you can keep the blooms looking fresh and full. This is a great quick project for Christmas Eve—you'll have a gorgeous front entryway decoration to show off to your Christmas guests.

Using Poinsettias as Cut Flowers

Try cutting poinsettia flowers to get more use out of them. Poinsettia cuttings can last up to two weeks if you care for them correctly. Start by cutting the stems to the desired length. Remove lower stem leaves for a cleaner look. Whether you are placing cuttings into a vase or in floral vials, you should let the cut stems sit in a vase of cool water for 30 minutes. Poinsettia stems have milky sap, and the cool water keeps the sap from seeping out of a fresh cutting. Discard the cloudy water and replace it with fresh water in the vase or in the floral vials. If you use vials, like you will in this project, check the water levels daily. They can dry out quickly, and an empty vial means a wilted poinsettia.

Supplies Needed:

  • Small evergreen tree (we used a balsam fir)
  • Large pot
  • Potting soil
  • Poinsettia plants
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Pruners
  • Water
  • Floral vials
  • Additional tree decorations

Step 1: Pot Evergreen Tree

Pot your miniature evergreen tree into a decorative container. We potted our tree into a basic pot and then stuck the pot into a woven basket for a rustic finish. Fill your chosen planting container halfway with potting soil. Remove the tree from the nursery pot and plant it into the pot. Tamp down the soil around the trunk to keep it sturdy.

Step 2: Prep Poinsettia Stems

Using clean pruning shears, cut poinsettia stems off the mother plant. Try to leave a few inches of stem attached to the bloom. Fill floral vials with water. Insert the end of the poinsettia stems into the floral vials. Editor's Tip: Poinsettia stems have a milky sap when cut open, which can cause irritation in sensitive skin. It's a good idea to wear a pair of gloves when trimming your poinsettias off their mother plant.

Step 3: Assemble Tree Decorations

Tuck the floral vials into the foliage of your evergreen tree. The longer the stems, the more secure the poinsettia stems will be in the tree. Finish decorating the tree with your choice of ornaments, bows, and lights. 


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